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Decoding Air Compressor CFM Calculations

CFM - cubic feet per minute

An air compressor serves as the heart of most industrial facilities as it converts electricity into pressurized air that powers the pneumatic tools and equipment used for production. For this reason, it’s essential to understand the key specifications when selecting or operating an air compressor and one of the most misunderstood performance indicators is the […]

3 Things to Know When Sizing an Air Compressor 

Properly sizing an air compressor can make you feel like Goldilocks – one air compressor may be too big (leading to increased operating costs due to wasted energy) and another may be too small (resulting in inadequate airflow to equipment and problems with production). So, how do you find the air compressor that is “just […]

6 Essential Components of a Pneumatic System 

air preparation basics for pneumatic system

Pneumatic systems use pressurized air to generate motion in many industrial applications, such as air-powered tools, end of arm tooling on robots, automated equipment and motion control systems. Pneumatics are widely used throughout industry and manufacturing because they are an effective, efficient and safe means of achieving movement and control. However, for pneumatic systems to […]

Pneumatic Systems: A Perfect Fit for Industrial Applications 

Pneumatic System Components

Pneumatic, or compressed air-driven, systems have been used to achieve mechanical motion in industrial machinery for over 100 years and, in more recent times, pneumatic systems have advanced, expanding the range of pneumatic applications to include robotics, automated industrial equipment, processes and motion control in a variety of industries. The popularity of pneumatics stems from […]

Long Live Your Air Compressor

A compressed air system is integrated to support a business efficiently.

Air compressors serve as the heart of the compressed air system in many industrial facilities where they likely power everything from air-operated tools to valves to automated equipment. While proper preventive maintenance can go a long way toward keeping the heart of your operation beating for years to come, air compressors will eventually need repair […]

Pneumatic Systems: 101 

Pneumatic System Components

Chances are if you work in an industrial facility, you’ve handled tools and equipment that are powered by a pneumatic system. These simple, yet powerful systems use clean, dry compressed air to create mechanical motion that powers tools, machinery and industrial automation systems. Learning about the components involved in a pneumatic system and how they […]

Troubleshooting 7 Common Causes of Piston Air Compressor Failure  

Compressed air is often dubbed as the “4th utility” in industrial facilities because it powers essential tools, machines and processes; however, heavy use of air compressors subjects them to wear and tear that will more than likely result in operational issues and potential failure at some point during the lifetime of the asset. The expense […]

Compressor Controls Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs 

compressor controls

Industrial facility owners must balance skyrocketing energy costs, aggressive sustainability goals and stiffening environmental regulations with cost reductions and increased demand for productivity. And, it is likely that the vast majority of these industrial facilities employ an air compression system to power equipment and processes. While air compressors do provide a convenient and clean supply […]

Top 5 Considerations for Proper Compressed Air System Installation 

Compressed air and automation piping system

A well-designed compressed air system will provide many years of reliable service…as long as it has been installed in accordance with industry best practices. To ensure smooth, trouble-free operation for years to come, be sure to pay as much attention to the details of how the system is installed as you did to selecting a […]

5 Misconceptions About Oil-Free Air Compressors

Oil-free air compressors are growing in popularity. In industries such as pharmaceutical, food, medical device, and electronics manufacturing, they have become a staple. Other industries employ them in an effort to avoid oil vapors that can damage sensitive production equipment or because oil-free compressors are reputed to reduce maintenance needs. While they do offer the […]