Our Divisions

The JHFOSTER group of companies represents a strategic collection of industry-leading compressed air experts, experienced engineers, support teams and automation & robotics distributors. What really defines us and truly makes us different is how we come together. We bring together specialized expertise across automation motion control, compressed air and robotics to advance technology, drive innovation forward and deliver end-to-end solutions – across the nation and around the globe.

Accu Tech USA offers a wide range of innovative and customizable automation products, including, actuators, ball screws, cobots and linear guides. Leveraging their robust product knowledge, engineering expertise and their in-house machine shop, they partner with customers to provide personalized service, engineering support and development through every step of the automation process.

Automation & Robotics Solutions (A&RS) is full-service provider, delivering turnkey projects from start to finish. With the ability to engineer designs, fabricate custom parts, assemble specialized machinery, develop and program control systems, test and finalize equipment controls, and install and set up new systems, they are delivering innovative, comprehensive automation solutions.

Celco delivers customized, innovative and networked automation systems enabling their customers to be more efficient and competitive. From intelligent design, panel manufacturing, programming, instrumentation, integration, ongoing support, and full-service automation services, manufacturers rely on Celco to revolutionize the way they do business.

DevLinks, a robotics and automation solutions integrator, provides state of the art technology and end-to-end project management with extensive experience in the plastics industry. With capabilities including mechanical and controls engineering, robot programming, diagnostics and support, and installation, customers trust DevLinks as their comprehensive automation partner.

In their UL508A certified panel shop, PTS has the ability to build, customize and assemble electrical panels from drawings and schematics. Their services include: automated wire cutting, stripping machines, and automated crimping machines. With their commitment to quality, attention to detail and on-time delivery, they are committed to customer satisfaction.

Sensors Incorporated supports industrial sensing applications with machine vision, process control and monitoring, barcode scanning and safety technology. Their extensive product knowledge, multi-industry experience and their ability to deliver products in a fraction of the time of their competitors make them a trusted partner for industrial sensing needs.

Sensors Integration specializes in control reliable package inspection systems for barcode verification, vision inspection, optical character recognition for lot code and date code, package integrity, and product verification. With their team of experienced mechanical, electrical, design and computer engineers, paired with their problem-solving ability, their customers depend on them to deliver innovative technology to handle any application.

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