Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots (cobots) enable a future where humans and machines work together to create a better world. At JHFoster, we believe in partnering with companies that are leading the charge in their respective industries. That’s why we’re proud to offer Techman Robot’s collaborative robots (cobots) to our clients.

Techman Robot‘s innovative cobots are designed to handle tasks like machine tending, assembly, packaging, welding, painting, buffing, or palletizing with precision, enhancing quality and productivity in modern industrial settings.

Robotics help human workers in various ways. They can replicate or substitute for human actions to streamline operations. Here’s how you can benefit from their mechanical capabilities:

●  Safety: Minimize workplace accidents and injuries by delegating hazardous tasks to robots.

●  Speed: Robots can work around the clock without needing breaks or getting distracted.

●  Consistency: Automation eliminates human errors and delivers consistent quality.

●  Productivity: Robots can’t do everything, but they free up workers’ time to do tasks that can’t be automated.

●  Work Satisfaction: Workers can focus on more relevant tasks than menial or repetitive jobs.

Robotics will not automatically take away jobs. They simply take over menial, repetitive, and dangerous tasks, but only with supervision and maintenance. Automation actually gives workers a chance to hone their technical or engineering-related skills.

Let’s take the automotive manufacturing industry, for example. Robots can perform a wide range of tasks like assembly, welding, automotive painting, wheel mounting, and windshield installation. As a result, workers will have more time to do specialized tasks.

Explore Robotics at JHFoster

From assembly to painting, screw-driving to labeling, packing to polishing, and injection molding to welding, JHFoster distributes a wide range of 1-6 axis robots that are easy to program and require minimal coding. We can assist you in determining your automation potential and what applications you may have that could lead to significant savings and increased efficiencies. 

Two of the biggest challenges we see our customers facing is:

  1. Meeting the current demands of production, and 
  2. Labor shortage problems

JHFoster recognizes these needs and we want to make it easier to increase your production capacity and fill that gap. 

Techman Robot specifically will help prevent your company from slumping in production during a bump in labor shortage. With greater payloads, faster speed, further reach, a built-in vision system and outstanding safety features, these collaborative robots can also work alongside your employees.  Collaborative robots are an ideal co-worker and they can work at peak efficiency. To learn just how cost-effective this solution could be, calculate your ROI

If you’re struggling to meet the demands of your business, watch our two-minute demo video to see how Techman Robots could help you out!

Hiring a robot may qualify you for a tax deduction. In addition, by hiring a robot, you experience increased efficiency. You may never worry again about the labor shortage caused by economic changes again! Still not sure what type of robot might be for your application? Below are 5 different type of Robots to help you increase efficiency, improve production and receive quicker ROI.

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TM Robot is used for many applications

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Robotics Frequently Asked Questions

Robots can address today’s labor challenge. The number of companies that are struggling to fill positions has doubled since 2011. Robotics can allow you to automate your company by delivering precision handling, flexibility, and payload while still working safely alongside employees.

Robotics is being used in virtually every industry. Robotics increases efficiency and has high rates of ROI. This is why robotics can be used in all industries including: agriculture, energy, industrial, medical, technology and transportation.

The cost savings of leveraging robotic technology can be potentially dramatic. We offer an ROI Robotic System Value Calculator so you can see firsthand the increased efficiencies robotic technology could provide you with. For more information contact JHFoster at 855.688.0065 or e-mail us to learn more about how you might benefit from knowing us.

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