From assembly to painting, screw-driving to labeling, packing to polishing, and injection molding to welding, JHFoster distributes a wide range of 1-6 axis robots that are easy to program and require minimal coding. We can assist you in determining your automation potential and what applications you may have that could lead to significant savings and increased efficiencies. Contact us today at 800.582.5162 or email to find out more about robotics and what you can automate today.

IAI America, Inc.: ROBO Cylinder™, Mini ROBO Cylinder, Linear, Rotary Actuators, Grippers, IX SCARA Robots, TT-Table Top Robot, Controllers

Kawasaki: 6-axis robots, pick and place robots, dual arm scara robots

Staubli: Industrial SCARA 4-axis robots and 6-axis robots

Techman Robot (TM): Collaborative robots with built-in vision, 5 kg, 12 kg and 14 kg payloads; 700 mm, 900 mm, 1100 mm, and 1300 mm reach.

Techman Robot automating a packaging plant with gripper technology.
A Staubli robot help to increase productivity within the food industry.