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How are you planning on protecting your investment? Do you have someone onsite regularly doing the maintenance, taking oil samples and ordering parts required to keep you under warranty as well as preventing shut downs from happening? 

JHFOSTER specializes in engineering new designs and retrofitting existing systems. Our focus is on increasing your productivity and efficiency. We are here to help answer every question you may have on our journey towards productivity with our team of specialists ready to help you achieve your goals.

Let our team of experts guide you through the next steps of ensuring that you stay within warranty and up-to-date on maintenance.

Preventative Compressed Air Service Protection Plan

Knowing your equipment and hours run, we schedule maintenance throughout the year to best service you. We are available 24-hours, 365 days a year. You’ll receive factory-trained service techs every time and genuine parts throughout the year to help you stay within warranty standards. If necessary, you will receive Priority Status for emergency and same-day service helping you stay focused on your business, not maintenance.

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Parts Program

We manage the ordering process of your genuine parts such as intake filters, oil filters, lubricants, and air/oil separators and track when they need to be replaced. We provide only high-quality factory parts from our in-stock inventory of over $4M and are available for support and questions as they come up. We want to make sure your equipment is up to warranty standards and running at peak performance, thereby reducing costly downtime and lost productivity.

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