Hydraulic Systems and Components

Hydraulic systems require individual components that work well together to ensure they perform their designated task, whether it is clamping, opening, pressing, lifting, or other industrial tasks. This is why choosing high-quality parts is critical.

At JHFOSTER, we offer hydraulic system solutions that are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. We have actuators, gauges, and other essential components that optimize and even improve the performance of your hydraulic system. These components are built to perform well and last long.

Whether you are looking for components and solutions for hydraulic, pneumatic, or any other industrial manufacturing system, turn to JHFOSTER. We offer superior-quality products ranging from simple accessories to complex systems. Find out more about our recommended solutions when you access the links below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic fluids can be made with a variety of components. The most common ingredient found in most of these fluids is mineral oil. Other types of fluids like silicone oils and propylene glycol may be required depending on the task and the project.

The force exerted by the hydraulic system is equal to the hydraulic or fluid pressure multiplied by the effective area of the cylinder or actuator. Hydraulic force is measured by pound of force (lbf). This measurement is critical when developing a system to make sure it is up to the task.

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