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John Henry Foster has a range of air compressors specifically made for medical applications. These medical grade air compressors do not use oil and have other features that ensure their high-quality output.

The Applications of a Medical Grade Air Compressor

If you’re curious about what a medical vacuum pump is and what a medical air compressor does, these are pumps and compressors designed specifically for use in the medical industry. The most prominent and important benefit of using these kinds of air compressors is the purity of the compressed air they release. The following are a few examples of applications that require medical vacuum pumps.

  • Operating Room – During surgery, it’s essential that compressed air stays pure and consistent. The compressed air adds to the overall comfort of the patient and helps the team perform their tasks better as well.
  • Surgical Instruments – The medical tools and equipment surgical teams rely on during operations require regular cleaning and drying at short intervals. This means they need medical compressed air to help in purifying them in between use.
  • Medical Systems – Compressed air is constantly needed for supplying patients with air. It is also used in anesthetic systems. Needless to say, there is a consistent need for pure compressed air in medical situations.
  • Laboratory Use – Compressed air significantly reduces or completely eliminates contaminants in the air and helps researchers attain more reliable results in their studies. Some cases may even require the use of both industrial air compressors working together with medical air compressors.

Recommended Products and Solutions

The Medical Grade Air Compressors We Offer

The following is a list of some of the medical vacuum pumps we have available in store.

  • Dekker offers liquid ring and rotary vane vacuum pump systems.
  • Gardner Denver’s scroll compressors are also used in medical systems.
  • Kobelco has their oil-free, rotary screw air compressors.
  • Powerex offers a range of air compressors for medical use including scroll, piston, rotary vane and claw.
  • Elmo Rietschle’s rotary vane vacuum pump systems and claw vacuum pumps are also an option.

Choose John Henry Foster Equipment

Medical operation room. JHFoster offers support for medical and vacuum packages.

For applications as sensitive and critical as in the medical sector, choose equipment from a trusted provider in the industry. We understand how crucial it is to get the most reliable and durable medical-grade air compressors in the market. We are long-time experts when it comes to compressed air systems and automation.

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