Evaluate Your Compressed Air System

Are you aware that thousands of dollars could be going down the drain with your current compressed air system? Have you thought of conducting an energy evaluation but don’t know where to start or understand the overall process? We can help. The average energy cost savings with an air evaluation is significant since compressed air systems represent one of the largest and most frequent opportunities for energy reduction.

5 Benefits of Compressed Air Efficiency Evaluations;

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improved plant or process productivity
  • Reduced scrap rates
  • Increased system and equipment reliability
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

An energy evaluation generally discovers enough problems, and opportunities to correct those problems to pay for itself by saving tens of thousands of dollars in operating expenses.

Our evaluations offer an in-depth look at the entire operation of a compressed air system. We utilize advanced software to establish a baseline that addresses the “what if” scenarios for system improvements and we provide a detailed and accurate analysis including:

Key problems include improper application of compressor controls, compressors competing against each other, too many running at the same time, and fluctuating plant pressures.

Businesses typically receive an average of $10K in energy rebates. JHFOSTER partners with energy companies to identify savings initiatives along with identifying federal and state programs that are available to assist you in achieving significant energy and process efficiencies. Power utility partners include; Xcel Energy, Alliant Energy, Otter Tail Power Company, Wisconsin Focus on Energy, Dakota Electric and Minnesota Power.