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Compressor Package Quick Quote Reference Sheet

The CFM calculator below is meant only as a guide. This reference starts you on your journey of identifying the correct compressor system for your and your company’s needs. However, JHFOSTER recommends site visits and evaluations beyond the CFM calculator to ensure the proper compressor package is quoted for the application. Generally speaking, compressed air units need to be tailored to your specific usage and requirements. 

Our team is in the process of updating our on-page calculator.

Please contact an Account Manager to find out more about your compressed air consumption.

Average Compressor CFM Production Per Horse Power

Horsepowers by compressor JHFOSTER

Beyond distributing compressors and accessories, we offer installation, engineering, evaluation, integration and repair services. For more information on your compressor needs, please email us. In addition, please call 800.582.5162 to speak directly to a specialist.