Reliable Air Piping Systems

Compressed air flows from your compressor to the end-users (pneumatic machines, workstations, etc.) through your compressed air piping so it can be utilized at your machines and operate air tools, etc. Whether the piping is aluminum, copper, black iron, galvanized piping or schedule 80 PVC for vacuum and cooling, it’s very important to choose the right kind and size of pipe to maximize the efficiency of your system to save money.

JHFOSTER provides the pneumatic fittings, compressed air pipe, and compressed air fittings and parts required to keep your compressed air systems operating efficiently. In addition, we offer compressed air piping design, air system drawings and compressed air piping system installation to get your systems up and running quickly.

Air piping systems for commercial and industrial use 

The quality of your piping determines the overall efficiency of your air distribution system. Where reliable and durable plant air piping systems are required, JHFOSTER is there to deliver. 

We carry a suite of high-performance air piping options suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be used in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceutical, and the energy sector. 

Engineered by leading vendors, our piping systems are designed to minimize corrosion and ensure that the air distributed to pneumatic tools is clean and free of particulates. 

Standard features 

Our piping systems help minimize production losses due to moisture or contamination, making them the superior option on the market. 

All pipes are made of the highest quality materials and boast the following features: 

  • Non-corrosive and leak-free (for aluminum pipes) 
  • Optimal performance and service life 
  • Flexible in size 
  • Tough and resilient 

Recommended products and solutions 

JHFOSTER also supplies pneumatic fittings and accessories necessary to keep your pipes and compressed air systems in optimal condition. We can also assist with the installation, maintenance, and repairs of common air compressor models. 

A compressed air system with Zeks and Quincy parts are assorted in a room.

Contact JHFOSTER for Plant Air Piping Solutions

Transport clean air without any leakage and disruptions using state-of-the-art air piping systems. The team at JHFOSTER can assist you in pipe selection, integration, and implementation. Contact us to request a quote. 

Compute for the CFM of your compressed air system 

JHFOSTER’s cutting-edge CFM calculator allows you to calculate the amount of CFM you need for your facility or application. 

Cubic feet per minute (CFM) determines the effectiveness of your end-use tools and air compressor systems. Too much or too little airflow can ruin components and disrupt system performance. 

While you may calculate your CFM using our free-to-use calculator, we suggest additional site visits and assessments to ensure the appropriate compressor package is quoted. You may also call us at 651.998.7428 or 855.688.0065 for more details about our air piping inventory and maintenance plans. 

Literature Library

Looking for additional information? Check out JHFOSTER’s Compressed Air Library.

Frequently asked questions

Metal pipes are always the best choice when it comes to durability, versatility, and ease of installation. Copper and aluminum piping are corrosion-resistant and ideal for delivering clean air to your facility.

Our specialists have the skills and experience to repair and service most types of compressed air equipment. We can also assist you should you require new system designs or retrofitting of existing systems.

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