Industrial Vacuum Pumps

At JHFOSTER, we distribute a full line of industrial vacuum pumps and medical vacuum systems from manufacturers like Elmo Rietschle. With over 150 years of combined experience, our service technicians have the knowledge and skills to service all major brands of vacuum pumps, and we can provide 6040 certified maintenance technicians when required by NFPA-99.

Vacuum Air Pumps for Commercial & Industrial Applications 

Vacuum air pumps, a.k.a. suction grippers, are commonly used in manufacturing, specifically in the material handling processes. This equipment is also widely used in medical facilities to clean surgical instruments, assist patient respiration, and to collect and remove fluids. In material handling applications, the overall efficiency of the system relies on the suction cup material being used, with the wrong material resulting in costly downtime and product loss.

Vacuum pumps utilize compressed air to create the vacuum seal. No matter what industry you’re in, you can trust that our line of vacuum systems and components will withstand even the most demanding and rugged applications.

Exceptional Standard features 

JHFOSTER offers an extensive selection of vacuum pumps from leading vendors like Elmo Rietschle and more. Every model we carry features innovative designs and customization options, creating a new benchmark in the vacuum pump market.

  • Water and oil-sealed liquid rings
  • Lubricated and dry rotary vanes
  • Long term reduction in lifecycle costs 
  • Flexibility and customization 
  • Superior efficiency 
  • Low maintenance 
  • NFPA 99 certified
  • Claw vacuum pumps 
  • Oil-less vane pumps

Elmo Rietschle: First-in-Class Vacuum Pumps

At JHFOSTER, we are proud to provide top-of-the-line vacuum and pressure solutions from Elmo Rietschle. Made in Germany, their products ‌help facilities improve process productivity, and reduce the lifetime cost of ownership through high-quality equipment with low maintenance requirements. 

With their focus on harnessing innovative designs, you’ll know that your Elmo Rietschle pumps will give you the performance and reliability your operation deserves.

Recommended Products & Solutions 

If your existing vacuum system fails, the team at JHFOSTER can get you back online and return your system to excellent working condition. You can also count on us for spare parts, regular maintenance, and repairs when you need it most.

Contact JHFOSTER for Your Vacuum Pump Needs

At JHFOSTER, we are one of the leading distributors of standard size vacuum air pumps that can be modified to fit your unique needs from reputable brands like Elmo Rietschle. Our team can assist with the installation, evaluation, integration, and maintenance of all your vacuum pumps and industrial equipment.
Order a vacuum pump engineered for high productivity and ease of use for your everyday applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certain types of vacuum air pumps are designed for operating rooms, laboratories, and in sanitizing medical equipment. JHFOSTER carries multiple models of medical vacuum pumps that are all NFPA 99 certified. Each is reviewed and approved by NFPA for medical-grade functionality and safety.

Rotary vane pumps are made of several vanes that are mounted to a rotor that turns within a cavity. These are typically used in the transportation industry. 

However, claw vacuum pumps feature two rotors that continuously rotate and these are widely used in plastic and paper manufacturing, as well as pick-and-place style machines.

At JHFOSTER, we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain, service, and source many brands and most models of vacuum pumps. Our specialists are experienced in providing new equipment designs and retrofitting existing systems, in addition to inspecting, installing, and servicing all types and brands of compressed air vacuum pumps