Automation can keep your business running efficiently, productively and most important safely. Many automation systems can be customized to meet the requirements of your application needs. These are all benefits to automating your processes and applications.

The reason automation is such a large part of a business growth and success is that it can accomplish nearly any repetitive task or make a current process more efficient. Even better, automation technology is customizable. There are so many different systems and technologies available that finding an option for your application is easier than ever.

The pure breadth of possibilities with automation technology is astounding. Automation can perform nearly any manual task you can think of. In addition, there are many types of automation such as electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic. Even more, automation is customizable to your specific application, so you don’t have to worry about your use case being too complex for this technology.

Automation systems can run continuously if need be, so your production never has to shut down.

JHFOSTER can help you implement robotics, automation, and other technology compatible with the industrial internet of things. We help our customers reduce error, increase safety, and multiply production.

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JHFOSTER distributes these products shown as well as evaluates, designs, engineers, integrates and services the entire system.


Motion & Mechatronics

  • Rotary/Linear Motion
  • Sizing/Consultation
  • Motors/Drives/Control
  • Robots
  • Conveyors

Sensors & ID

  • Presence
  • Inductive/Capacitive
  • RFID/Bar Code
  • Safety


  1. Networks (LAN/WAN)
  2. HMI/Web Panel
  3. Remote Access/Monitor


  • Horizontal Millin – 5 axis
  • Vertical Milling = 5 axis
  • Turning (up to 14″)
  • Swiss Turning (approximately 3 – 20 mm)
  • CAD Solidworks
  • Gibbs & Surfcam


  • UL508A Certified Panel Shop
  • Control Panel Build
  • Enclosures
  • Value Added Sub Assemblies: Pneumatic, Mechanical, Electrical, Build to Print
  • Horizontal Millin – 5 axis
  • Vertical Milling = 5 axis
  • Turning (up to 14″)
  • Swiss Turning (approvximately 3 – 20 mm)
  • CAD Solidworks
  • Gibbs & Surfcam

Automation FAQ’s


The reasons to automate any business are many. In fact, most businesses are looking at automation systems because costs can be lowered and efficiency increased. Automation allows you to work smarter, not harder. Even more, automation can help you focus on growing your business rather than maintaining your current production and investments. If your business struggles from lack of time or resources, automation can solve your problems.

The easy answer: basically all types of businesses. Some examples of industries using this technology include: Agriculture, Automation, Brewering, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Packaging, Windows & Doors, Energy, Industrial, Medical, Technology, and Transportation.

JHFOSTER has its hands in electrical, pneumatic, and robotic automation.

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