JHFOSTER is an authorized distributor of STOBER products

Since 1934, STOBER has been an industry leader in mechatronic drive solutions. To meet various industrial applications, they manufacture high-efficiency servo gear units, NEMA gearboxes, rack and pinion drives, and servo stops. 

STOBER motors and other products come in modular designs and are freely scalable. This means they can easily be adapted and configured to meet the specific requirements in nearly all industries and applications. 

Streamline your operations and reduce maintenance costs by upgrading to STOBER today.

What We Offer

Browse our STOBER catalog for items such as best-in-class gearboxes, motors, and power transmission systems. Here are some of the products that we carry:

Servo Reducers

STOBER’s reducers for servo motors have been optimized for stiffness and precision. They are ideal in high-torque and low-speed applications. We offer a variety of recurs, including inline, offset, and right-angle units. 

Power Transmission Gear Boxes

Increase torque and lower rotational speed with ease using STOBER’s gearboxes. These robust systems offer unmatched backlash stability, high rigidity, and extremely quiet operations. 

Geared Motors

STOBER geared motors offer high-performance in a compact package, saving space and optimizing design. With a variety of options including inline and right angle, every application requirement can be met. Choose from various housing styles, output, ratios, bearings, brakes, speeds, and encoders.

Servo Motors

STOBER motors include a shafted, hollow bore, or ball screw option. These motors can work with a variety of 3rd party drives and come with several encoder options.

Your Partner for Superior Quality STOBER Products

Streamline operations and increase productivity and efficiency with STOBER. Our factory-trained technicians will guide you through the fitting and installation process and answer your questions to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. 

Should you encounter issues with your products, JHFOSTER provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also offer emergency and same-day service for urgent maintenance. Complete our online form or give us a call at 855-688-0065 to request a quote today.