Reliable Oil-Free and Oil-Less Air Compressors

Several industries that require the use of air compressors cannot afford the risk of oil causing spoilage, contamination, or equipment damage. For these kinds of applications, oil-free air compressors are the clear choice. 

JHFOSTER offers a range of oil-less compressors to match your specific needs. By leveraging oil-free technologies that rely solely on the action of screws, air compression can be done without exposing other sensitive materials to oil in the entire system. 

The Benefits of Using an Oil-Free Air Compressor

Other air compressors use oil in the process of compression to seal the air, lubricate the process, or cool the entire system. During this operation, it’s not uncommon for the lubricating oil to be carried over to the system where air is compressed. This lowers the quality of the compressed air. This may not be a huge deal when it comes to other applications, but industries that require high air purity for their processes need a system that produces pure and quality compressed air.

The air quality requirements in these applications are set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Those in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or chemical sectors typically require ISO Class 0 or the cleanest possible compressed air. This means they need oil-free air compressors. 

The Oil-Less Air Compressors We Offer

Choosing the right air compressor is essential. One unit can vary so much from another. Here we have different oil-free air compressors for your various needs. The following is a list of these machines, along with the features that are specific to them. 

  • Gardner Denver (CompAir) offers a range of quality oil-less air compressors including water-sealed, rotary screw, reciprocating, and scroll models.
  • Kobelco is the largest oil-free rotary screw air compressor brand in the US.
  • Powerex offers super quiet and reciprocating air compressors.
  • Quincy’s scroll compressor reliably meets the Class 0 ISO standard and requires low maintenance.
  • Thomas offers a variety of oil-less air compressors like diaphragm, rotary vane, linear, articulating piston, WOB-L piston.

Oil-Free Compressors for Diverse Industries

JHFOSTER equips various industrial facilities with reliable oil-less air compressors.

  • Food and Beverage. Oil in the compressor may leak and jam components. In contrast, oil-less air compressors don’t use oil, they drastically reduce the risk of food product contamination.
  • Chemical Plants. Oil-free air compressors increase product purity, improve efficiency, and produce less waste. Oil-free air is also critical to certain chemical processes to eliminate the risk of explosions.
  • Pharmaceutical. As with the food and beverage sector, pharmaceutical facilities use oil-free air compressors to maintain product purity.
  • Textile Production. Oil-free air compressors prevent clogs in the nozzles and avoid staining materials.

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