Compressed Air Dryers

A compressed air dryer is used for removing the water vapor that becomes concentrated during the process of air compression. Without a dryer, this excessive water can lead to a variety of operational problems for users of compressed air such as freezing of outdoor air lies, corrosion in piping and equipment and malfunctioning of pneumatic process control instruments. JHFOSTER distributes a variety of dryers including refrigerated, regenerative, breathing air system, membrane and refrigerated cycling and non-cycling.

Compressed air dryers for commercial and industrial use

We carry a wide range of durable, high-performance dryer systems suitable for a wide variety of applications. They can be used in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceutical, and the energy sector.

Manufactured by leading brands, our air dryers feature various moisture-extraction technologies designed to enhance your entire air compressor system. Apart from ensuring high-quality air, these state-of-the-art systems also help boost efficiency and lower operational costs.  

Compressed air dryer standard features 

Our compressed air dryers are built to minimize corrosion and production losses due to moisture or contamination, making them the superior option on the market.

All units are state-of-the-art and are equipped with the following features: 

  • Low pressure drops for reduced operational costs 
  • Accurate dew point control and monitoring
  • Electronic controller with touchscreen versions
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimal performance and service life
  • Energy-efficient
  • Flexible in size
  • Ideal for moisture-free applications

Beyond industrial dryers, JHFOSTER offers an extensive line of lubricated, oil-free, and oil-less compressors and pneumatic systems. We also specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repairs of all types and brands of compressed air systems.

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Know the CFM of your compressed air system 

Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is one of the most crucial elements to consider when choosing the best air compressor for your needs. Putting too much or too little air into the system can result in inefficiencies and damaged components. 

JHFOSTER’s CFM calculator helps determine the amount of CFM you need. We also suggest additional site visits and assessments to ensure the proper compressor package is quoted for your specific application.

Calculate the CFM of your air system here. You may also call us at 651.998.7428 or 855.688.0065 for product information and maintenance plans.

Literature Library

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Frequently asked questions

In a non-cycling dryer, the refrigerant compressor operates continuously as soon as you turn it on. Cycling dryers, on the other hand, turn on and off based on demand. This makes them more energy-efficient than non-cycling types.

Our team is always ready to repair, maintain and source most models of compressed air equipment. We can also provide new system designs and retrofit existing systems.

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