State-of-the-Art Climate Control Air Compressors

Whether an office building, school or hospital, JHFOSTER is well aware of how important temperature control is to the well-being of your employees, students or patients. Climate control air compressors and pneumatic systems are designed for high performance, longer life and efficient operation. However, as with any type of precision equipment, they require regular scheduled service and maintenance for high performance, long life and trouble-free operation.

Air compressor systems for every commercial and industrial application 

An effective climate control air compressor is essential for converting normal air into cleaner, denser and, and highly pressurized low-oil air. At JHFOSTER, we carry climate control air compressors that are designed for maximum reliability and a tailored fit to your application.

Choose from our wide selection of compressor systems designed to meet your unique air system demands. 

Standard climate control air compressor features 

We offer an extensive selection of climate control air compressors from the world’s leading brands. All units are of superior quality and include the following standard features: 

  • Oil-Free & Oil-less – These types of models tend to have a lower maintenance requirement as they do not need regular oil changes. These units tend to cost more at the time of purchase but will be less expensive to maintain over time. 
  • Oil Lubricated – These are standard industrial air compressors with gapless piston rings and tighter milling tolerances to reduce oil carry over as much as possible.  These units are known for their reliability and durability.  These compressors are typically very cost effective at the time of purchase.

Recommended products and solutions 

If your existing climate control air compressor fails, we at JHFOSTER are your trusted experts. We offer spare parts, repairs, and regular maintenance for your compressed air system. 

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Our climate control systems are easy to order, install, and service. Request a quote now for compressor systems designed to meet critical industry demands. 

Calculate the CFM of your air system 

The first step towards finding the right compressor system for your organization is to have an estimate of your CFM. Too much or too little airflow can disrupt system performance and even damage its components.

JHFOSTER’s CFM calculator helps measure just how much CFM you need. That said, we recommend additional site visits and assessments to ensure the right compressor package is quoted for your needs. 

Measure the CFM of your air system here. You may also call us at 651.998.7428 or 855.688.0065 for product inquiries and maintenance plans. 

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As a full-service provider, our team is well-equipped to repair, maintain, and provide leading brands and types of compressed air equipment. We also offer new system designs and retrofit existing systems.

Our headquarters are located in Eagan, MN with a  UL 508A certified control panel shop and cutting-edge robotics training facility. We also have skilled mobile technicians on-hand who serve the 5-state area.

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