Air Compressor Filters

JHFOSTER has been a long-time expert in compressed air systems. As such, we also offer a range of industrial air filter options to further ensure the purity of compressed air. They work well together with our wide variety of industrial air compressors.

Diverse Options

JHFOSTER works with diverse industries and understands that different applications have different requirements. As such, we’re fully stocked with different types of air compressor filters to meet our clients’ needs. We work closely with our clients to determine the level of air purity required and provide appropriate recommendations.

High-Quality from Vetted Suppliers

Whichever compressed air filter our clients choose, JHFOSTER attests to its quality. Each piece is vetted by our team and sourced from reputable suppliers. Rest assured your air filters are will be easy to install and remove, remove contaminants effectively, and support high flow rates. They resist corrosion, high temperatures, and high pressure. Our selections are long-lasting and trusted by countless industrial clients.

Customer-Focused Service

We leverage years of expertise in providing air compressor solutions. In fact, JHFOSTER goes beyond supplying you with industrial compressed air filters; we can also:

  • Assist in the design and installation of new compressed air systems
  • Provide maintenance programs to keep your systems in good working condition.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.

The Applications of Compressed Air Filters

Different processes in different sectors require different levels of air purity. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with aiming to achieve the cleanest air possible, in some cases, it may be an unnecessary step that takes up more time and resources.

To avoid this, it’s important to establish from the beginning the level of air purity and its required compressed air filtration for the application at hand. 

For many applications, standard particulate and coalescing filters will suffice, but some applications may require an activated carbon filter to remove oil vapors and odors.

Generally, compressed air filters are used to remove dry particulates, bulk liquids, and sometimes aerosols, and vapors from the compressed air. 

Potential Products and Solutions

The Compressed Air Filters We Offer

The following are some of our options for industrial compressed air filters. They have particular uses for certain applications. Give us a call for further clarification of their uses and their specifications.


Air filter system as designed by JHFOSTER.

We have long been a trusted name when it comes to compressed air systems and automation. We’ve helped numerous clients improve their efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness with our wide range of products and equipment. For successful solutions, choose JHFOSTER.

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