Compressed Air System Installation

Don’t overwhelm yourself with deciding between replacing a single machine or tackling an entire compressed air project. When you seek installation decisions, JHFoster can help guide you on the right path. In fact, we are devoted to ensuring the successful installation and layout of your project. From design to installation, JHFoster specializes your system to fit your unique needs. JHFoster focuses on power requirements, sizing and fit to be sure your overall investments are safe.

Not sure where to begin with the installation process? JHFoster created Five Areas of Focus When Installing Your Compressed Air Equipment. In short, you have a lot to consider when maximizing and utilizing your equipment to its greatest potential. To help identify what your company may need, we created this CFM calculator

JHFoster’s technicians meet you at any point on your journey. When you need someone onsite to fully install your entire system, JHFoster is here to help. In addition, JHFoster provides tailored engineering solutions for your needs improving the efficiency, operation and reliability of your equipment.

Varying needs for equipment types and brands makes it hard to wrap your mind around a full installation. For your benefit, we specialize in complete installation service for MN, WI, ND, SD and northern IA. In addition, we provide you guidance through the entire process of increasing the efficiency of your current project.

To receive more information about installation or to talk to one of our engineers or technicians, please call 855.688.0043 or e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

JHFoster installs all equipment necessary for your compressed air system. Whether you need integration with your current system or wish to build from scratch, JHFoster seamlessly installs your equipment to start you on a future path for efficiency.

We provide you with warranty information and checklists upon the installation of your system. Even more, this document provides you more details about our warranties. For more information call us at 855.688.0043 or e-mail.