Air Compressor Installation

Get efficient industrial air compressor system design and installation services from JHFOSTER. Your facility will be furnished with a system that meets your requirements, adequately powers your operations, and keeps energy efficiency at its peak. Request a quote today.

For Your Installation Needs

Our technicians meet you at any point in your journey. JHFOSTER:

  • Provides design services for a compressed air system tailored to the needs of your facility
  • Assists you in procuring all components for a complete compressed air system — we have an extensive inventory of parts and accessories
  • Provides full installation services for air compressors and other components
  • Delivers engineering solutions to improve the efficiency and reliability of existing systems

Get Extensive Expertise

Our team focuses on power requirements, sizing, and fit to ensure functionality, improve safety, and minimize the risk of downtime. Our technicians assess your applications thoroughly to determine cost-effective solutions for your facilities. With many years of experience in industrial equipment installation, our specialists will handle all the work for you.

Serving Diverse Industries in Various States

JHFOSTER provides its services to facilities and plants in:

  • Minnesota
  • Western Wisconsin
  • Eastern North Dakota
  • Eastern South Dakota
  • Northern Iowa

Our clientele includes medical practices, manufacturing, industrial, or chemical plants, electronics companies, and more.

Solutions Beyond Installation

Once we set up your air compressor system, we can also provide maintenance services to keep it in good condition and prevent issues. Let’s discuss your installation requirements and you can get a free quote. Call our team at 855.688.0043 or leave us a message today.

Frequently Asked Questions

JHFOSTER installs all equipment necessary for your compressed air system. Whether you need integration with your current system or wish to build from scratch, JHFOSTER seamlessly installs your equipment to start you on a future path for efficiency.

We provide you with warranty information and checklists upon the installation of your system. Even more, this document provides you more details about our warranties. For more information call us at 855.688.0043 or e-mail.