Compressed Air Blowers and Industrial Pneumatic Air Blowers

An industrial blower is a machine used for moving gas with a moderate increase of pressure. Blowers move a high volume of gas at a lower pressure than an air compressor resulting in lower power requirements and a more efficient process. JHFoster is a distributor of customizable compressed air blowers and industrial pneumatic air blowers such as Aerzen USA, Elmo Rietschle and Quincy. Contact us today at 855.688.0065 or email for help finding the best blower for your process.

Industrial blowers for every application

High-performance blowers are a popular choice in the energy, construction, manufacturing, and agriculture sectors. They are a vital part of various industrial systems as they can move air and other gases in different ways. 

If you’re searching for a high volume compressed air blower that suits your system’s unique requirements, count on JHFoster for assistance. Our selection of blowers include both positive displacement and regenerative models built by some of the most trusted brands on the market. 

Standard features

Our industrial blowers work well as standalone solutions or as a group of machines for constant operation. Only the highest quality materials are used for their production, making them the most reliable, economical, and durable blowers available.

All units are easy to set up and are equipped with the following features: 

  • Flexibility and customization 
  • First-class efficiency
  • Integrated pulsation reduction
  • Low noise emissions and vibrations
  • Long term reduction in life-cycle costs
  • Ease of servicing
  • Energy-efficient

Beyond distributing innovative industrial blowers, we also source robust air compressors, filters, and accessories. Our team can also help with installation, evaluation, integration, and maintenance of your system.

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JHFoster is a distributor of customizable compressed air blowers and industrial pneumatic air blowers such as Aerzen USA, Elmo Rietschle and Quincy. Our industrial blowers are available in standard sizes and can be modified to customer specifications. Our team can also help with installation, evaluation, integration and maintenance of your system.  

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Know the CFM of your compressed air system 

To choose the right sized air compressor for your facility, you need to know how much air is required in terms of volume. JHFoster’s CFM calculator can help you identify the amount of CFM you need. Following the right CFM can help reduce the risk of system failures and damaged components. 

Aside from our calculator, we also recommend site visits and assessments. This way, you can ensure the proper compressor package is quoted for your facility or application.

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Literature Library

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Frequently asked questions

The primary difference between an air blower and an air compressor  lies in their pressure ratios. An air blower works at a low-pressure ratio while an air compressor functions at a high pressure to volume ratio.

Our skilled technicians are trained and experienced in inspecting, installing, and servicing all types and brands of air blowers and pneumatic systems. We can also provide new equipment designs and retrofit existing systems.

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