Air Compressor Accessories and Add-Ons

Ensure consistent high performance from your air compressor by using compatible accessories from trusted manufacturers.

The High-Performance Accessories You Need

Quality air compressor accessories provide your system with the support it needs to produce maximum output and maintain a consistent flow. Different attachments can also give the air compressor the flexibility for use in various applications. 

A Full Range of Accessories

Air hoses and reels extend the reach of your air compressor, while filters and regulators ensure that the air flow remains consistent at the right strength needed for the project. Using the correct fittings and valves for your compressor enables you to easily shift airflow toward where it’s needed as well, improving efficiency. We offer all these accessories and more. 

Recommended Products and Solutions

Need hoses able to withstand the wear and tear caused by constant movement and bending? A PVC and rubber hybrid air hose functions well even in harsh conditions and features bend restrictors with brass fittings to maintain the integrity of the valves.

Is your downstream equipment seeing oil or moisture from the compressed air system? Equip it with an inline desiccant dryer and filter to eliminate moisture and catch any impurities that can end up blocking the airflow through your machine.

Find great parts that solve your air compressor issues and get your machine working at peak performance again in no time.

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Whether you need air compressor checks, repairs, or industrial-grade accessories, you’ll find the ideal solutions from JHFOSTER. We have an extensive inventory of high-quality parts as well as solutions, including maintenance and repair. 

Request a quote from our experienced staff right away so you can get the parts you need and have them brought to your facility as soon as possible. Or, reach out to us for a detailed list of air compressor accessories in our inventory so you can find the right part for the right machine.

Try the CFM Calculator

Do you already know what type of air compressor your business needs? Our CFM Calculator will help give you a rough idea of the CFM required to operate your facility’s tools. 

For a more accurate estimate and to ensure that the right package is recommended to you, we highly recommend scheduling site visits and evaluations. These allow us to suggest custom-tailored compressed air units and tools for your business needs.

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JHFOSTER has a wide range of tools, equipment, parts, and accessories in our inventory, ensuring that we can provide any business with the gear that they need to do their best work. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our inventory includes a range of parts and accessories for medical air and vacuum equipment. We can also service machines for you. Learn more here.

If you’re not using a filter, the ambient air may carry contamination with it, which gets drawn into the compression system. It may result in impurities getting into your compressor, causing malfunctions, poor air flow, and damage to the equipment.

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