Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen is extremely effective in minimizing oxidation and eliminating harmful water vapor thereby improving manufacturing and testing processes, reducing product spoilage and increasing through-put. Because of its stable and inert (non-reactive) properties, nitrogen is used in a wide variety of manufacturing, processing, laboratory, food and industrial applications for the medical field. JHFOSTER distributes nitrogen generators such as Generon, Nano and Parker (Domnick Hunter-Airtek).

Nitrogen generators for commercial and industrial use 

Nitrogen is a necessity for many businesses, but having nitrogen delivered to your site in the form of dewars, bulk liquid N2, and high-pressure compressed gas cylinders can be costly and unsafe. 

Relying on outside vendors can also pose potential problems, including inflexible delivery schedules, expensive tank rental fees, unpredictable vendor price hikes, and a lengthy procurement process which could lead to delays. 

Nitrogen generators produce high-purity nitrogen on-site in a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manner. Our nitrogen generators are widely used in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and food processing and packaging. They are engineered to eliminate the hassle of a delivered nitrogen supply. 

Product features 

  • Helps ensure stable long term N2 costs 
  • Compact, space-saving designs
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly 
  • Lower cost and eliminates the need for expensive gas cylinders 
  • Operates continuously with zero shutdowns 
  • Easy to set up and operate 
  • Membrane and PSA nitrogen systems are available 
  • Proven safety and reliability

Recommended products and solutions 

Apart from cutting-edge nitrogen generation systems, we also supply air dryers, filters, and all the fittings necessary to keep your air compressor systems performing safely and efficiently. 

Nano purification system can benefit your compressed air system. Here two Nano products work alongside a compressed air system working seamlessly.

Contact JHFOSTER for Nitrogen Generation Solutions 

Generate your own inert gas using economical, cutting-edge nitrogen generators. JHFOSTER ensures optimum performance is built into every aspect of its products, from design to implementation. Trust us to provide exceptional support and quality equipment when and wherever you need them. 

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Determine the CFM of your compressed air system 

When determining the right size of compressed air system for your facility, it’s crucial to know how many cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) it can pump. Too little or too much CFM can reduce the durability and workability of your equipment.

JHFOSTER’s CFM calculator helps measure the required CFM for your specific application. That said, we advise additional site visits and evaluations for greater CFM accuracy. 

You may also call us at 651.998.7428 or 855.688.0065 to view our entire product inventory and maintenance plans. 

Literature Library

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Frequently asked questions

As with any piece of equipment, nitrogen generators require routine maintenance to maintain system efficiency. If regular servicing is performed, the system should last for over 15 years.

JHFOSTER has the tools and expertise needed to repair and maintain most types and models of nitrogen generators. Let us know the kind of equipment you own, and our specialists will advise you of the appropriate repair or maintenance plans.

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