Emerson ASCO

ASCO’s solenoid valves were the first of their kind, developed in 1910. With more than a century of heritage, this brand under Emerson Industrial Automation has retained its place as an industry leader in electrically operated control devices. 

Through the years, ASCO has created many of the manufacturing industry’s most reliable solenoid valves. The brand is now synonymous with durability and dependability.

One of ASCO’s popular products, Series 210 2-Way Solenoid Valve, offers low internal leakage and longer service life because of its wide range of pressure ratings, sizes, and resilient materials. These 2-position, 2-way normally closed or normally open solenoid valves are an excellent addition to any fluidic system.

ASCO Numatics

In 2016, history was made when Emerson merged ASCO and Numatics to become a global leader in manufacturing reliable solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, cylinders, actuators, fittings, motion control products, air preparation products, and accessories.

The expertise of both ASCO and Numatics have always been evident in the quality of products they provide to several industrial sectors, including power generation, food and beverage, petroleum, chemical, and manufacturing.

  • Pneumatic Valves – Using ASCO pneumatic valves guarantees efficiency in valve systems. These products include mechanical, pilot, in-line, manifold and sub-base mountings, fieldbus (Ethernet, DeviceNet, Profibus etc.), poppet, and solenoid valves.
  • Pneumatic Filters – ASCO’s pneumatic filters are designed to outperform other competing brands. They include in-line oil and particle removal filters, regulators and lubricators, and precision regulators.
  • Pneumatic Actuators – These ASCO products streamline industrial applications and minimize replacement costs. They include NFPA Air Cylinders, rodless, air bellows, linear slides, ISO/VDMA, and rotary actuators.
  • Pneumatic Accessories – Even accessories from ASCO are engineered to exacting standards to guarantee reliability. They include sintered bronze and shell type mufflers, flow controls, check valves, and tubing.
  • Fittings, Couplers, Hoses, Tubing – ASCO manufactures a range of products in this category including push-in tube fittings, nickel-plated brass elbow fittings, and World Thread Metric fittings. These products offer versatility and precision.
  • Safety – ASCO also features a range of products that promote safety in industrial applications. These products include lock-out valves and power isolation bases.
  • Vacuum – The vacuum components and vacuum gripping systems by ASCO are known to improve productivity, especially in automated processes. They include vacuum generators, cups, and sensors.