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Sensors Inc. is a national leader in the world of manufacturing sensors, and we provide technical service and support so you can feel confident in how you integrate sensors into your system. Everything to our photoelectric, inductive sensors, and more provides a repeatable, reliable operation you can rely on. Pair your sensors with our supporting technology and you’ll have the ability to install Sensors Inc. equipment in a variety of applications to serve your unique needs.

Industrial sensors are a vital piece to the efficient operation of any industrial application. Our variety of sensor and sensor-related products are used to monitor and communicate the object presence, position, and level, or absence of whatever you choose to measure so that you know the following actions performed in response safely and effectively every time. Manufacturing sensors can be used in an application as simple as turning on a light to indicate proper positioning, or as complex as a multi-part robot application requiring an intricate arrangement.  

At Sensors, we ensure the seamless operation of our industrial sensor technology by providing your business with all the necessary components for their operation. This includes connectivity and distributed I/O, process control equipment, and details on how to use each on its own or altogether as a whole system. Choose from various types of automation sensors so you can find the equipment that perfectly fits your operational requirements and output needs. 

Want more ideas on how our sensors can streamline your assembly, manufacturing, and other industry processes? Check out our Application Examples and prepare to implement new technology and see increased throughput today.

Sensors Incorporated: Your Connection for Industrial Sensors Applications Since 1977

For all your industrial sensor needs, we are here to help! By working directly with major manufacturing facilities across the country, our team has created solutions that address complex, real-world applications. Improve your process with Sensors Incorporated today.

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