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At Sensors Inc., we provide safety technology that’s easy-to-use and integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment and processes. Safety light curtains, safety interlocks, and safety sensors are designed to meet and exceed safety standards, and to protect your personnel and equipment from accident and injury. You can rely on our industrial safety technology to ensure safe operation in complex applications.

We provide a comprehensive offering of safety technology designed to ensure employee and machine safety. Our safety light curtains protect personnel from injury by emitting a series of light beams and utilizes a light curtain sensor that shuts down equipment when a beam is blocked. Standard safety switches, safety interlock switches and locking gate guards are used to safely monitor the gates, doors, and physical guards that keep personnel from hazardous areas during operation. When an unsafe situation is detected, they send a signal to the control system to enable a safe stop.

Sensors Inc. is also a distributor of hard guarding components, safety accessories, and E-stop technology, so you can be assured that you have everything you need to integrate new safety systems or upgrade existing ones to meet current standards. 

Want more ideas on how to integrate our safety sensors and light curtains into your existing assembly, manufacturing, and other industrial applications? Check out our Application Examples and make safety an attainable top priority in your operation today.

Sensors Incorporated: Your Connection for Safety Sensors Applications Since 1977

For all your safety light curtain and sensor needs, we are here to help! By working directly with major manufacturing facilities across the country, our team has created solutions that address complex, real-world applications. Improve your process with Sensors Incorporated today.

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