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At Sensors Inc., we understand the high-quality demands and various end-use needs of the plastics industry. We carry a variety of pressure transducers, thermocouples, band heaters, and other innovative solutions designed from brands like Dynisco, Tempco, and more to give manufacturers the tools they need for plastic extrusion, process control, and molding processes.

In the plastics industry, precise monitoring of your plastic extrusion, molding, and other applications is key to staying competitive and delivering consistent quality in your products. Our line of industrial sensors and instruments include melt flow and pressure indicators, pressure transducers, and more to fit a variety of manufacturing applications, ranging from production quality control to small batch processing.

Looking for more ideas on how you can add our process control solutions to streamline your plastics manufacturing and other industry processes? Check out our Application Examples and contact the Sensors team to request your custom quote today.

Sensors Incorporated: Your Connection for Thermocouple Applications Since 1977

For all your thermocouple and pressure transducer needs, we are here to help! By working directly with major manufacturing facilities across the country, our team has created solutions that address complex, real-world applications. Improve your process with Sensors Incorporated today.

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