The Vertex family is more robust, much faster, and significantly friendlier to the environment. The diaphragm thickness is pressure range dependent and can be up to 7.5 times thicker than a traditional sensor. Add to these features, a diaphragm composition of Inconel 718 coated with the corrosion and abrasion resistant properties of Dymax® and experience the true definition of a robust sensor that has proven to increase the life of the sensor. There is no mercury, no NaK, no oil, no Gallium, no fill material what-so-ever. An optional Type J or K thermocouple is available to provide a melt temperature signal as well as a 4-20 mA temperature output. Vertex is equipped with a 1/2-20 UNF for installation in standard transducer mounting holes. A sealed welded shell and electrical connection are available if washdown capability is needed for food or medical applications.