Techman Robot

Techman Robot is a leading collaborative robot and vision technologies company that’s dedicated to improving the world of work for businesses and their people through robotic technology applications. 

They provide a suite of innovative products and services that help businesses automate their operations to provide improved efficiency and increased productivity. Techman Robot offers a wide range of robotic technology applications that can help your business run more efficiently and improve productivity.

Robotic Accessories

If your business is looking for ways to work smarter, consider investing in Techman Robot accessories. Techman Robot also provides a wide variety of accessories to augment your robotics like:

  • Robot Stands: Our modular design allows you to easily swap out a number of different bases or stands.
  • Mobile Work Stations: These are perfect for businesses that need to move their robotics around the workplace. 


JHFOSTER provides a wide variety of cobots with built-in vision technology from Techman Robot that are designed for efficiency and productivity.

Closing The Gap 

In this video, we take a look at how the Techman Robot is helping to close the skills gap in the workforce. From assembly to packaging, Techman Robot’s collaborative robotics solutions are designed to work alongside people to increase productivity and efficiency in a variety of industries. With its advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Techman Robot’s line of advanced cobots are quickly becoming a key player in the robotics industry.