ROI Calculator

Variable for Total System Cost

Variables for Current Operational Costs

Robot System Usage:Disclaimer: Average Robot Electrical costs are roughly $.50 per hour
Annual Labor Costs per Operator,Including Fringe Benefits:Disclaimer: Average Robot Electrical costs are roughly $.50 per hour
Number of Operators per Shift Removed:
Percentage of Labor Retained to Operate System per Shift: %
Expected Productivity Gain: %
Other Estimated Savings:Additional Statement: We have found that there are often a number of additional unforeseen or industry specific values associated with the installation of Robotic Systems, such as: Scrap/Rework Saving, Material Savings, etc.

The pre-filled sections of the tool above, display an example study where 2 robots were installed and operating for 2 shifts each day, 5 days a week.

JHFOSTER created a Robotic ROI Calculator so that your company’s best can decide whether a robot is right for you. Robots, from cobots to 6-axis, are no doubt an investment. Ultimately, they are longterm investments that may appear scary in the beginning due to their price tags. However, the return you receive from hiring a robot can be insurmountable!

This is the exact reason that this calculator exists. You are questioning how a robot could possibly help you, and how much one would cost. Beyond that, this Robotic ROI Calculator allows you to review productivity savings, your breakeven point, and labor savings. As a result, you can make an educated decision on if an industrial robot is right for you.

Of course, we still advise that you speak with an expert to define what automation system is right for you. To get started, you can check the cost with our calculator. In addition, we have an article that shows you how a robot can benefit your manufacturing process.

As always, you can email us or call if you have any questions.