There are many different types of industrial robots. Which one is right for you?

Today’s robotic automation redefines the manufacturing process as we know it. Robots assemble, paint, screw-drive, label, pack, polish, weld, inject molding and more. In short, robotic automation is here to improve production demands. How do you know which types of industrial robotics are right for your industry? Read on to find out more.

JHFoster distributes many different types of industrial robotics such as 1-6 axis robots (Linear, Scara, Traditional, Collaborative and more). These robots are easy to program, operational in under a day, and require minimal coding. In addition, the robots are all designed to help you achieve as much long-term value as possible.

Seven types of industrial robots John Henry Foster distributes

JHFoster engineers robotic solutions built for your specific needs. Are you unsure on whether robotics are worth the investment? Compute your ROI savings or schedule a robotic evaluation today at 800.582.5162. In addition, our dedicated group of mechanical and electrical engineers are ready to speak with you. Just send us an email. With their help, you decide your automation potential and what production lines would be best automated. Above all, automation leads to significant savings and helps you work smarter.

Lastly, would you like to see what types of industrial robotics JHFoster distributes? View our robotics. 

  • Technician checking robot machine

    Evaluate Your Robotic Solution

    Are you making the most of your manufacturing operations? Do you have jobs within your business that are hard to fill due to a shortage of skilled workers or positions involving simple tasks that if automated could shift workers to a more…

  • Robotiq offers a pick and place option that is serviced by JHFoster. Contact our team to find out more details on how Robotiq products could specialized and enhance your current systems.

    Robotic Engineering

    JHFoster engineers are ready with expertise to develop any solution necessary for your robotic goals. Your projects are our focus, and we are here to provide you with support, advice and products to make your goals realized. Robotic automat…

  • Kawasaki Robots

    Robotics Installation

    Our mission is to help you capitalize on your assets, including space, equipment and results. This is why, whether you are replacing a single machine or focusing on an automation project, JHFoster takes care of the design, layout and succe…

  • Staubli robots can be used for many tasks and industries. This grey Staubli robot pictured above is being used in the food industry to pick and place food products.

    Robotic Integration

    John Henry Foster augments your team by leveraging our experience and knowledge gleaned from previously implementing robotic projects like yours. Together we engineer solutions to meet or exceed your business requirements. This often involv…

  • JHFoster engineer servicing a robot

    Service and Repair on Robotics

    JHFoster offers you remote as well as onsite service opportunities because your robotic systems support the daily functions of your company’s operations. Our priority is to work with your team to ensure these operations remain in production…

  • A TM Robot with Accessories

    Industrial Robots and Accessories

    For your ease, we identify what your application needs are and analyze your parts, process, and your environments to provide you with the best robotic accessories for your goals. Accessories are specifically chosen for the most flexibility…

Types of Industrial Robotics FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Why use Robotics?

Robots can address today’s labor challenge. The number of companies that are struggling to fill positions has doubled since 2011. Robotics can allow you to automate your company by delivering precision handling, flexibility, and payload while still working safely alongside employees. 

What industries are robotics being used in?

Robotics is being used in virtually every industry. Robotics increases efficiency and has high rates of ROI. This is why robotics can be used in all industries including: agriculture, energy, industrial, medical, technology and transportation. 

How do I know if robotic investment would be right for my company?

The cost savings of leveraging robotic technology can be potentially dramatic. We offer an ROI Robotic System Value Calculator so you can see firsthand the increased efficiencies robotic technology could provide you with. For more information contact JHFoster at 800.582.5162 or e-mail us to learn more about how you might benefit from knowing us.