Air compressor cups and vacuums in a black background image.

JHFoster offers a wide range of vacuum cups and generators. The most common use of vacuum in industrial manufacturing applications is to operate vacuum cups that are used to pick up product such as semi-conductor chips, packaging materials, boxes, etc. Generally, the heavier the part that is being held then the larger the diameter necessary. Pneumatic vacuum generators provide the required vacuum and uses compressed air to generate the vacuum.

If you have vacuum cups in applications that aren’t performing like they should, contact us at 800.582.5162 or email and we will help address the problem and find a solution.

Bimba | Vaccon: Vacuum generators, cups and air amplifiers

Edco USA: Vacuum generators, cups and sensors

Emerson | ASCO Numatics: Vacuum generators, cups and sensors

Emerson | AVENTICS: Vacuum generators, cups and sensors, non-contact transfer units

Pisco: Vacuum generators, cups and sensors

Vi-Cas: Vacuum cups and accessories

Image of a vacuum cup and generator product as created and serviced by JHFoster.