John Henry Foster’s mission is to partner with businesses like yours to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, including through automation. We can help engineer new ways to automate your production through our specialized products and services. In addition, we can assist you in establishing a vision of automating your processes and application when you have no idea where to begin. By doing this, you receive clear ROI calculations for your systems. Now, your decision can be made easily. As a result of automating your systems, you will experience payback, sometimes in under three years.

That’s not the whole story though is it? Likely, you’re plagued by worries about how these systems will fit into your current processes. Rather than spending your time trying to figure this out on your own, you can consult one of our automation specialists who specialize in figuring this out for you. As a result, your systems will fit together seamlessly and without setbacks. 

Even more, we provide services and repair to ensure that your systems run smoothly and without a hitch. Experiencing downtime can be costly and damaging to your business. That’s why timely maintenance and troubleshooting is important to plan for. 

Read more below for ways we can help you find solutions to all your automation needs.

  • Interior of spacious soy milk factory: modern conveyor belt with plastic bottles, concentrated worker wearing white coat controlling production process.

    Evaluate Your Automation Solution

    With today’s highly automated opportunities in industrial settings, it can make a lot of sense to conduct an automation evaluation. Proper component design and engineering for your company’s applications are key factors that can ensure…

  • Man engineering a robot

    Automation Engineering

    JHFoster can provide you with the expertise and advice of specialized engineers through your automation process. We are here for you so that you can be sure all your questions are answered. JHFoster’s engineers can develop any solution ne…

  • Automation Parts are Displayed on Counter

    Automation Installation

    Our mission is to help you capitalize on your assets, including space, equipment and results. This is why, whether you are replacing a single machine or focusing on an automation project, JHFoster takes care of the design, layout and…

  • Integrate and simply all your systems with automation integration.

    Automation Integration

    John Henry Foster augments your team by leveraging our experience and knowledge gleaned from previously implementing projects like yours. Together we engineer solutions to meet or exceed your business requirements. This often involves…

  • Engineer in the factory studies electrical applications.

    Service and Repair on Automation

    JHFoster offers remote and onsite service for your automation needs. Your systems and related gear are an integral part of your operation, and our teams will work with yours to ensure production remains consistent through your service…

  • An air compressor system shows colored wires leading into the mainframe.

    Automation Equipment and Parts

    To give you peace of mind, we analyze what your automation needs are, your existing parts, current processes, and your present environments to provide you with the best automation parts to integrate into your systems. These parts are chosen…

Automation FAQ's

Why should I consider automating my business?

The reasons to automate any business are many. In fact, most businesses are looking at automation systems because costs can be lowered and efficiency increased. Automation allows you to work smarter, not harder. Even more, automation can help you focus on growing your business rather than maintaining your current production and investments. If your business struggles from lack of time or resources, automation can solve your problems.

What types of businesses are automating their systems?

The easy answer: basically all types of businesses. Some examples of industries using this technology include: Agriculture, Automation, Brewering, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Packaging, Windows & Doors, Energy, Industrial, Medical, Technology, and Transportation.

What are the different types of automation John Henry Foster services?

John Henry Foster has its hands in electrical, pneumatic, and robotic automation.