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When Do Air Compressors Need Filters?

Seventy percent of all manufacturers use some type of compressed air system. Air compressors produce tighter, and more pressurized air to generate a steady stream of airflow. This airflow is then used to power a variety of tools, assembly lines, and pneumatic equipment. Compressed air is crucial to many industrial and manufacturing processes. If contaminated, […]

How to Remove Contaminants in Compressed Air

Today, virtually all industrial chemical processes use or interact with compressed air systems. Air compression is required in most processes, whether to add texture to products, dry sterilized equipment, divert items and ingredients along the assembly line, or perform a whole range of other tasks. Throughout all these processes that use compressed air systems, contamination […]

How Contaminants In Compressed Air Can Affect Processes

Contaminants can be introduced to your compressed air system through many mediums. Liquids like water and oil, solid particles, and vapor can cause contamination and affect production processes if precautions aren’t taken. Why is contamination such a concern? Contaminants can wreak havoc on not only your compressed air system and parts, but they can endanger […]

Basic Components of Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air is widely used in various industries due to its availability and ease of use. It is often known as the fourth utility, following electricity, natural gas, and water. But did you know that the idea of using compressed air to transmit energy began as early as the 1800s? During this period, metal manufacturing […]

What are Particulate Filters for Air Compressors?

The air filter for compressor.

Mechanics recommend that you change the air filter on your vehicle so that its heating and cooling system continues to work effectively. HVAC service providers echo a similar sentiment when it comes to your home or office’s heating and cooling equipment. But there are various industrial appliances that require similar upkeep in order to continue […]

The Different Levels of Air Purity and the Processes that Require Them

Air Purity HVAC system

According to the World Health Organization, poor air quality kills an estimated seven million people globally each year. If you needed a single statistic to help underline why air purity is critically important, let it be that one. Poor air quality is everywhere – from smoke or carbon monoxide in homes to the smog that […]

Common Compressor Air Filter Types: Breaking Things Down

Air Filters

For years, air compressors have been a common fixture in just about every type of professional or industrial environment that you can think of. In auto body shops, for example, they’re used for everything from painting cars to sanding components. They power drills and hammers on construction sites, they can be used to clean equipment […]

How Often Should Industrial Air Compressor Filters Be Replaced?

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An air compressor filter keeps debris and other contaminants from reaching the rest of the system. This keeps compressed air clean and also prevents damage to your compressed air system caused by the contaminants. This means more efficiency for you and a decreased chance of expensive shutdown. Replacing your filter on time prevents your filtration […]

How to Remove Water from Your Compressed Air System

condensate management

Condensate Management and Filtration You need to supply clean, dry compressed air to your tools, equipment, and system processes. However, how exactly do you ensure that this air is clean and pure? By using filtration and condensate management. If you haven’t selected compressed air accessories to manage condensation, we will go over how to do […]