OEM Air Compressor Replacement Parts Provide Long-Term Benefits

Whether you simply need to change an inlet filter or an oil filter or you’ve had a mechanical failure and need a replacement part for your air compressor, you not only want to obtain the part quickly, but you want it to meet the performance level of the original so you can get back to doing what you do best – producing product in the most efficient manner – ASAP. However, when shopping for a replacement part, you will likely have to decide between purchasing genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or pirated (also known as aftermarket) parts. While it may be tempting to select pirated parts based on the lower upfront cost, it’s not always the smartest choice and could end up costing more in the long run.

In short, genuine OEM parts are the best solution when it comes to restoring air compressors to their original output levels and ensuring that they remain fully functional over the long haul because OEM replacement parts are manufactured consistently and under the same quality standards as the part that came with your air compressor. This means they are designed and manufactured to provide performance that is as good as, if not better than, the original OEM parts that came with the air compressor. If that isn’t enough incentive to purchase OEM parts, there are several additional reasons why OEM replacement parts are always the safer choice.

Genuine Parts Provide Better Quality

Specifically designed to meet the requirements of your air compressor, genuine OEM replacement parts offer the same design, construction, manufacturing practices and quality testing/control as that of the original parts that came with your air compressor. Further, because they are custom designed to match the operating parameters of the original equipment, you can be assured that they are a suitable, high-performance replacement. On the other hand, pirated parts may not be an exact fit, may be manufactured at a lower standard or with cheaper materials and are usually not quality guaranteed. Further, because pirated parts are not designed and manufactured to the exact specifications of your air compressor or the original equipment manufacturer’s quality standards, it is possible that aftermarket parts will compromise the performance of the air compressor or damage the original air compressor components, costing more in repairs later down the road.

Additionally, OEM-supplied replacement parts are subjected to consistent manufacturing practices and rigorous endurance and quality testing to ensure that they will perform as specified and expected under anticipated operating conditions. Pirated parts offer little consistency as aftermarket parts are made with the least expensive materials and manufacturing practices to maintain low prices. Lower quality and inconsistent manufacturing will likely result in failure of the part and inefficiencies in the air compressor, which can lead to costly downtime or poor performance.

OEM Replacements Offer Superior Performance

Since OEM-manufactured replacement parts offer professional quality and are precision engineered to meet the original specifications, they will provide optimal performance, which not only reduces risk of future air compressor failure but also serves to enhance efficiency and productivity of the unit. Further, while third-party replacement part manufacturers simply make knock offs of spare parts, OEM manufacturers often have their own R&D departments that strive to make efficiency and performance improvements, so it is likely that an OEM replacement part will include such enhancements, allowing the air compressor to function even better than it did prior to the replacement with the new OEM part.

OEM Parts Will Keep Your Warranty Valid

First, genuine spare parts typically come with a guarantee against faults and failures, which is generally not provided with pirated parts. Second, OEM air compressor replacement parts are often required to keep the air compressor covered under its original warranty. In some cases, the use of OEM parts may even provide extended warranty coverage, which can prolong the life of the air compressor and provide peace of mind. Conversely, the use of pirated parts may void the warranty coverage of your air compressor. Generally, saving a few bucks upfront on the lower cost of an aftermarket part is not worth the risk and potential expense of voiding your air compressor’s warranty.

Genuine Parts are Readily Available

It’s a common misconception that OEM parts are difficult to obtain; however, this is not true. OEM suppliers typically have a well-connected network and close working relationship with the original manufacturer and can get a genuine OEM spare part quite quickly, helping to get your air compressor and production back up and running as soon as possible. Suppliers of pirated parts do not offer such quick service so an order may actually take much longer to arrive, further extending downtime.

And, when you purchase a genuine OEM part from a reputable supplier, you may find that assistance, including technical support and troubleshooting, are readily available, even after the sale is made, providing additional peace of mind.

So while it may appear that pirated parts are a bargain based on price alone, once the quality, reliability, warranty and availability are considered, it’s easy to see that genuine OEM air compressor replacement parts will be the better and lower-cost option over the lifetime of your air compressor.