Automation integrators may find it difficult to source materials for their customers’ projects. Finding quality, reliable parts and equipment can prove difficult. Let us help you source the right materials for your customers’ systems.

JHFOSTER offers the following Automation products:

Along with the parts and equipment we have available to provide the Automation Industry with help, we offer service and support. When your systems go down, we prevent you and your customers from experiencing costly downtime. Furthermore, we offer 24/7 emergency service on all systems and machines.

Even more, our engineers can help you develop solutions that perfectly complete your customers’ needs. With integration and efficiency in mind, we create designs that seamlessly place systems together. In addition, we can provide the Automation Industry with training resources and programs to train your team on specific technologies. Not only will you be distributing products bought through JHFOSTER, but you will be acquiring the full expertise and knowledge of JHFOSTER’s automation team.

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For support in the Automation Industry, contact us by email or at 855.688.0043. Our automation specialists are always available to answer your questions and concerns.