Most plant managers and engineers are aware that compressed air represents one of the largest and most frequent opportunities for energy reduction, but what they might not realize is that it can comprise up to 10%, and possibly more, of their total energy bill. The potential for energy savings is clear.

John Henry Foster specializes in compressed air system design and operation and can help you navigate your journey towards maximizing the efficiency of your air compressor system. Our expertise and knowledge of where and how to begin will aid you in making your business more efficient leading to substantial savings.

Below are ways we can help to find compressed air engineering solutions for you.

  • Engineer Working in System Control Room

    Evaluate Your Compressed Air System

    Are you aware that thousands of dollars could be going down the drain with your current compressed air system? Have you thought of conducting an energy evaluation but don’t know where to start or understand the overall process? We can help…

  • Work place in the system control room. Selective focus.

    Compressed Air Engineering

    JHFoster has engineers with compressed air expertise and advice. They are prepared to develop any solution to meet your compressed air goals. We focus on your projects to give you all the support and products necessary to be sure your goal…

  • Compressed Air System Installation

    JHFoster can help you in replacing a single machine or tackling an entire compressed air systems project. We are devoted to being sure the successful installation and layout of your project is specialized for your specific space and equip…

  • Compressed Air Integration

    John Henry Foster augments your team by leveraging our experience and knowledge gleaned from previously implementing compressed air projects like yours. Together we engineer solutions to meet or exceed your business requirements. This often…

  • A technician analyzes the parts within an air compressor.

    Service on Compressed Air System

    For your convenience, JHFoster offers remote and onsite service. Your compressed air systems and equipment are mission-critical, and our teams will work with yours to ensure they remain in production. Our in-house support offers service for…

  • Work place in the system control room. Selective focus.

    Compressed Air Equipment and Parts

    We are here to support you in identifying what your application needs are so that the most efficient and best preforming compressed air equipment and parts are at your disposal. Our commitment is providing you with successful solutions…


Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

JHFoster specializes in engineering new designs and retrofitting existing compressed air systems. Our focus is on increasing your productivity and efficiency. We are here to help answer every question you may have on your journey towards productivity with our team of specialists ready to help you achieve your goals.  

We are a complete compressed air system service provider. We are ready to service, maintain and source most brands and types of compressed air equipment. In fact, our team of specialists provide new system designs and retrofit existing systems. Check out this article to see the difference we have made for other companies!

We understand making your business more efficient seems like an overwhelming process. You likely don’t know where to begin. This is why JHFoster is ready to take the pressure off your shoulders by providing a full audit of you compressed air system. Our team of specialists are ready to analyze every piece of your system and see where improvements can be made. We will then take care of installing all new equipment necessary to get your business on its way towards productivity and innovation. 

We offer a Preventive Service Package. For reference you can view our PDF on this, or for more details call us at 800.582.5162. 

To find out if you are staying under warranty, find out details on our parts program and preventative service program. For more more details, call us at 800.582.5162.

Here is a maintenance checklist for  your maintenance crew to follow, but your best practice is to follow your equipment’s manual. For more resources at your fingertips, we offer a preventive service program. For more details or answers to your questions, please call us at 800.582.5162.

JHFoster has 24-Hour Emergency Service in order to minimize unexpected and costly downtime. We dispatch highly trained technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays for air compressor repair. The 24-hour emergency service can be reached at 800.582.5162.

JHFoster has several compressors and dryers ready for rent. JHFoster has electric vacuum pumps and industrial air compressor rentals to provide temporary air while your industrial compressed air systems are being serviced. 

An air system assessment is perfect for customers who have their own technicians on staff who would value from a compressor equipment evaluation and air compressor equipment assessment to verify equipment is working properly, suggest minor adjusting and provide system recommendations. We work with all industries and brands of compressors in the greater five-state area including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa. For more details call us at 800.582.5162.

Ramsey County provides a list of recycling locations for your air compressors. 

We offer training events to provide your maintenance crew with the some of the skills our service team uses to maintain your system. For more details please call us at 800.582.5162. 

We have technicians that are ASSE 6040 certified. Call us at 800.582.5162 for more details on how JHFoster could help you.

Our dedication to the customers that have built our company will ensure that your results are optimal in performance and satisfactory to your business needs. Being a complete compressed air system service provider, we are capable of servicing, maintaining and sourcing OEM and most brands and types of compressed air equipment.

Call us today at 800.582.5162 to talk to an engineering specialist or at e-mail to learn about JHFoster’s compressed air equipment and engineered services, along with the rest of our product line and service offerings.