Elmo Rietschle

Elmo Rietschle’s history is full of impressive successes and milestones that span over 100 years. As early as 1903, Elmo was revolutionizing the market with their vacuum pumps and Werner Rietschle was launching the oil-lubricated rotary vane.

While Elmo went on to merge with Nash Industries to form nash_elmo, Rietschle was acquired by Thomas Industries to form Rietschle Thomas. However, once 2005 came, Gardner Denver acquired both companies and merged them to create the renowned Elmo Rietschle we now know.

Today, Elmo Rietschle is driven by the same innovative, customer-driven focus as before to engineer outstanding vacuum pump, blower, and low pressure compressor solutions. Their continued investment in product research and development ensures that the products they offer use the most current technology, giving their customers the highest quality equipment to meet their needs. JHFOSTER is proud to be an Elmo Rietschle distributor.

Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Elmo Rietschle’s vacuum pumps are the first choice across multiple industries for their superior quality and expert know-how. Their vacuum technology includes rotary vane pumps, dry screws and claws, liquid ring vacuum pumps, rotary lobe pumps, and more. Whatever your specific application needs are, Elmo Rietschle has a variety of technology to ensure your needs are met.

Side Channel Blowers

JHFOSTER carries Elmo Rietschle’s air blowers for their reliable construction and variable, vibration-free speed control. Their bearing technology ensures that they’re lubricated for life, decreasing your maintenance costs and protecting your investment for years to come. With the flexibility and power you need, you can trust that all Elmo Rietschle products will cover a range of applications.