pneumatic air accessory

JHFoster distributes a complete assortment of automation accessories and components for all your pneumatic design applications and engineering challenges. Contact us today at 800.582.5162 or email and request more information about our pneumatic automation accessories inventory.

ACE Controls: Shock absorbers, velocity and feed controllers, gas springs, and hydraulic dampers

AiRTX: Blow-off nozzles, transvectors, cold air guns, static elimination

Aladco: Grippers, clamps, check valves

Alumi-Tec: Aluminum manifolds

AventicsStandard and custom pneumatic solutions

Bimba: Alignment couplers, flow control valves and 3 & 4-way disc valves

Bimba | Mead: Flow controls, timers, relays, and sensors

Bimba | Pneumadyne: Air jets, fittings and manifolds

Control Line Equipment: Pneumatic counting devices

Cox Reels: Hose, cord and cable reels

Deltrol: Flow control valves, needle valves, and check valves

Desoutter Industrial Tools: Auto-feed drills, air motors, pneumatic drills/grinders/sanders, screwfeeders

Duff-Norton: Rotary unions

Duro Reels: Hose, cord and cable reels

Dwyer: Pressure & vacuum gauges, flow meters, pressure, temperature & level switches

Ellis/Kuhnke Controls: Pneumatic timers and counters

Emerson | ASCO Numatics: Sintered bronze and shell type mufflers, flow controls, check valves, tubing

Emerson | AVENTICS: Valves (safety, flow control, check, shuttle, quick exhaust, relay), silencers, grippers, timing volumes, regulators, tubing & fittings

Generant: Check valves, needle valves, regulators, relief valves

Guardair: Air and siphon guns, pneumatic vacuums

Hannay: Hose, cord and cable reels

Hedland: Flow meters

Kingston: Safety relief valves and check valves

Marsh: Pressure and vacuum gauges, precision regulators

Midwest Pressure Systems: Air driven air pressure booster systems

NGT: Pilot-operated check valves

Oetiker: Hose clamps, swing couplers

Parker (Domnick Hunter/Airtek): Air filtration and oil and water condensate separators

Pore Technology: Plastic mufflers

Reelcraft: Hose, cord and cable reels

Robohand/DESTACO: Manual and pneumatic clamps

Rotary Systems: Rotary unions

Silvent: Blow guns and blow-off nozzles

Specialty Manufacturing Company (SMC): Brass and plastic ball valves and check valves

Vibco Vibrators: Air and electric vibrators

Waldom Electronics (Aero-Motive): Hose reels, tool balancers, and ergonomic devices

Wika: Pressure & vacuum gauges and chemical seals

ZSi-Foster, Inc.: Cushioned clamping and support systems