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Who Makes the Best Industrial Robot?

Robotic arm holding water bottles on production line in factory,

That depends on your application and needs. Industrial robots are suitable for many tasks. From injection molding to packaging, the repetitive tasks within your business could be easily automated. The possibilities are nearly endless. However, if you’ve been researching different industrial robot manufacturers, you may be struggling to identify which one is right for you. […]

What Are the Signs Your Collaborative Robot Needs Repair?

Your collaborative robot, also known as a cobot, has been working hard to increase efficiency and reliability within production. This new technology has quickly paid for itself and has become indispensable for human coworkers working alongside the robot. Or perhaps you have used robotic technology for quite some time, and it has become a staple […]

Ways Robotic Technology Enhances Worker Safety

Robotic technology is becoming a mainstay of many industrial environments. From packaging applications to lab analysis and testing, robots are being used for a variety of tasks previously performed by humans. As robotic technology rolls out, many companies are wondering about how safe robots are for their human coworkers. Are robots truly safe to be […]

Integrating Cobots into Manufacturing

Cobots help manufacturers deal with challenges like labor shortages and cost increases. Deploying cobots in manufacturing leverages the skills of the people in the factory so they can do more. Cobots are still a relatively new technology though, so here’s an introduction to the machines and the benefits of using them. Cobot Overview “Cobot” is […]

Simplify Industrial Applications with Collaborative Robots & EtherNet/IP Communication Protocol

Techman Robots Cobots

Simplifying industrial applications can seem like an arduous task for yourself and your team. Maybe you have introduced collaborative robots to simplify repetitive tasks within your facility, but you are finding that your applications require multiple cobots running in tandem. Running many systems and technology at once to create your end-product can soon become complicated. […]

What Is Robotic Automation?

robotic automation in a car plant

Robotic automation is simply a variation of automation that uses robotic technology to simplify a task or application. Robots perform tasks that range from painting a car in a factory to packaging food product. There is a large array of robot types, as well as, robotic accessories. Let’s dive into the different types of robots […]

What Are The Differences Between Cobots & Other Robots?

collaborative robot (cobot) and gears

On a recent podcast, Dustin Hrubetz, JHFoster’s Manager of Robotic Distribution and Industrial Application, talked about a few differences between cobots and other robots. He also discussed some of the applications cobots (collaborative robots) are being used for in current markets. In this blog post, we are going to talk further about these topics. Keep reading […]

4 Industries that Could Benefit the Most from Robotics


According to the International Federation of Robotics, the United States is the leading user of industrial robots in the Americas, with approximately 293,200 robots currently in operation over a wide range of industries.  However, robots have not just reached American companies. The adoption of human-robot collaboration is on the rise with nearly 2.7 million robots […]

What Is The Difference Between Automation And Robotics

specialist with automation system

Automation and robotics are both used by manufacturing businesses to cut costs, increase capacity, and improve quality and safety. However, they’re not the same thing and the terms shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Here’s an explanation of the difference, and a discussion of when and how each might be applied. First though, a look at why […]

Techman Robot: Getting College Students Ready for the Workforce

TM Robot solving a packaging issue and automating the packaging industry using gripper technology.

Recently, John Henry Foster helped a Midwestern university to educate STEM students with the help of Techman Robots. Techman Robots help students learn alongside technology that they may see or use in their future careers. As robots begin to help more and more companies increase efficiency and reliability, more staff are having to become accustomed […]