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Understanding the Safety Functions of Collaborative Robots

2F-140 Adaptive Gripper on TM Collaborative Robot

As the use of collaboraive robots continues to expand in industrial workplaces, humans are more frequently sharing space with cobots, as they’ve come to be nicknamed. While collaborative robots are considered “inherently safe” by design, there are understandably concerns regarding the safety of human operators working in close proximity to swift-moving industrial equipment. However, advances […]

How to Select the Best Industrial Robot for Manufacturing Applications

iot industry 4.0 concept,industrial engineer using software (augmented, virtual reality) in tablet to monitoring machine in real time.Smart factory use Automation robot arm in automotive manufacturing

As robotic technology continues to develop, more manufacturers are applying industrial robots to automate tasks that are repetitive or dangerous for human workers or those that create bottlenecks within the facility. In these situations, robotic automation can increase productivity and efficiency, boost product quality and improve safety in a variety of manufacturing sectors. While the […]

Understanding Control Panel Enclosure Ratings

As manufacturers increasingly rely on automated and mechanical equipment to more efficiently produce products, control panels provide a reliable and effective means to control this equipment. However, because control panels contain sensitive circuitry and electronic components and are often located in dirty, wet, corrosive, or hazardous factory environments, it’s imperative that the control panel enclosure […]

Electrical Control Panels Provide Many Advantages

Technician working on electrical control panel

As industrial facilities embrace more automation, electrical controls serve to operate these machines and processes; however, to truly benefit from automation, precise and reliable control is a must. Fortunately, electrical control panels, which house the electronic components, controls and interfaces used to run modern automated facilities, simplify the method of controlling and adjusting the equipment […]

The Basics of Enhancing Safety with Electrical Control Panels

Electricity is a major safety hazard in the workplace, according to the U.S. Office of Compliance, which states that 400 employees were unable to work for 31 days or more due to electricity exposure injuries, 1,970 occupational injuries resulted from exposure to electricity and 154 fatalities occurred due to exposure to electricity in the workplace […]

Machine Vision: Why Your Industrial Robot Needs Eyes

Industrial robots safely and efficiently perform tasks that are either too repetitive, difficult or hazardous for human workers and do so in a way that enhances production by eliminating bottlenecks and increasing product quality, but without “eyes” to see what they’re doing, robotic applications can be limited. Since a robot can only perform a task […]

Integrated Safety Devices Prevent Workplace Hazards

Machine hazards are a reality for workers in industrial settings. The most challenging areas include those where potentially hazardous operations occur, such as around fast-moving machinery and robots and sources of power. In these locations injuries typically take place at points of operation and machine motion, as well as areas of power transmission, so machine […]

Getting to Know Industrial Robots

robotic automation in a car plant

As more manufacturers employ industrial robots to automate tasks, improve safety and enhance production and quality, there has been an increase in the availability of different types of robots, each designed to fit specific needs and tasks in a variety of industries. This article will explore the benefits of robotic automation, as well as the […]

A Look at the Essential Components of a Motion Control System

Motion control, a sub-field of automation, is widely used for production lines and in robotics and other equipment where it is necessary to precisely control the speed, acceleration, position and torque of individual axes of a machine. It’s important to note that motion control is actually a system made up of several essential components that […]

Should I Buy a Cobot or an Industrial Robot for Pick and Place?

Pick-and-place robots can help speed up the process of picking up objects and placing them in another location, increasing productivity and handling repetitive tasks while freeing up workers for more complex jobs in the facility. When you’re ready to automate pick-and-place activities, one of the first questions to address is whether to use an industrial […]