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Top Five Advantages of Industrial Automation 

Interior of spacious soy milk factory: modern conveyor belt with plastic bottles, concentrated worker wearing white coat controlling production process.

Automation has become a vital tool for industrial facilities that need to improve productivity in the workplace. But did you know there are other advantages as well? For those manufacturers who are slow to adopt automation, this blog will explain the ways in which automation helps manufacturers and other industrial businesses streamline production, enhance quality, […]

Pick and Place Robots: An Advantageous Alternative for Repetitive Tasks 

Pick and place robots provide an extremely efficient alternative to human labor for simple, repetitive physical tasks and those that take place in potentially dangerous locations. Because they tend to provide a relatively fast return on investment and offer many benefits, pick and place robots can help manufacturers boost their output, increase their safety and […]

4 Ways Robotic Machine Tending Benefits the Bottom Line 

Although robots have been helping manufacturers improve their operations for some time, robotic machine tending hasn’t been as widely adopted as it is perceived as a very complex process. However, advances in automation technology coupled with a shortage of skilled workers and an economy that demands higher production levels despite tighter budgets have manufacturers reconsidering […]

Versatile Pick and Place Robots Provide Speed and Consistency 

Robotiq Pick and Place PCB image

Modern industrial facilities rely on robots of all kinds to gain efficiency, increase throughput and improve safety. One of the most employed types of automation, pick and place robots speed up the process of picking up parts and placing them in other locations, helping to increase production rates, reduce bottlenecks and spare human workers from […]

Replacing an Aging Electrical Control Panel Boosts Safety, Reduces Costs 

Although electrical control panels are an integral component in automated equipment as they include a combination of electrical devices that distribute power to control the mechanical functions of industrial machinery, most facilities put them in place and then largely ignore them. This can be a dangerous and expensive oversite. Replacing an aging control panel with […]

Six Industries Expected to Thrive Thanks to Robotics 

robots reshape the manufacturing industry

Over the next five years, robotics and automation are expected to account for 25% of all capital spending in industries around the globe, according to results from the 2022 McKinsey Global Industrial Robotics Survey. The reason? Executives in various industrial sectors understand the financial benefits and competitive edge to be gained by automating processes with […]

4 Automation Trends Food Packagers Should Consider for 2023 

oil-free compressor

As the food and beverage consumption rate continues to grow – with total revenues in the food and beverage industry expected to grow from $1.95 billion in 2022 to $3.69 billion by 2027 in the U.S. – the food packaging industry will have to hustle to keep up with rising demand. But amidst labor shortages […]

Robot Demonstrations Help During the Selection Process

As industrial facilities struggle to meet throughput demand due to labor shortages and tight budgets that make it nearly impossible to invest in large expansion projects, it is fortunate that robotic automation is becoming more affordable and accessible because robots can help alleviate these challenges. For instance, robots can help increase capacity without expanding lines […]

Section 179 Provides Significant Tax Breaks on Equipment Purchases

Industrial facilities that are considering the purchase of automation, robotic or compressed air equipment should be aware of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Section 179 Tax Deduction as it encourages businesses to invest in themselves by permitting an immediate and significant tax break on qualifying purchases for the 2023 tax year.  Section 179 is […]

Proof-of-Concept Testing Eases Robotic Automation Project Risks

Man engineering a robot

Many industrial organizations are interested in improving efficiency, safety and productivity through the use of robotic automation but waffle on taking the first step. Understandably, the decision to invest in technology can be intimidating, especially when robots are new or unfamiliar to the facility and the project carries a significant capital investment.  Before making any […]