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Maximizing Efficiency in Motion Control Systems

Motion Control Products from Bosch Rexroth

Experts predict that by 2025, 10-15% of jobs in three sectors, namely transportation, manufacturing, and retail trade, will have high potential for automation. As more companies adopt automated processes and technologies, the demand for motion control systems in factories and production lines has grown exponentially. Motion control systems make sure that products are assembled successfully […]

Where Are Linear Actuators Used?

The concept of a linear actuator is a simple one. A linear actuator develops motion in a straight line. This automation technology allows for a great deal of reliability, speed, and efficiency. Linear actuators can come in electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic varieties, although electric adaptations are becoming increasingly common. The reason behind this shift is […]

How is an Electric Linear Actuator Driven?

Pushing. Pulling. Lifting. Ejecting. Clamping. If the function is a straight line movement, then chances are your equipment is utilizing a linear actuator to get the job done. Electric linear actuators are very commonly used in industrial equipment and machine tools to carry out straight line tasks. They’re an essential component in facilitating the factory […]

Electric Actuators vs Pneumatic Actuators

Ball screw for transferring the caliper into motion and feeding

As you know, actuators are “movers” that play a key role when it comes to moving and controlling mechanisms in various industrial applications, including conveyors. Actuators work by drawing energy from some sort of source, and, as you might imagine, there are various types of actuators that typically differ based on where they derive their […]

What are the Types of Actuators

Electric and Pneumatic Actuators

If there’s a piece of machinery operating within your industrial environment, then there’s a good chance that an actuator is working behind the scenes to help it do what it needs to be doing. But contrary to what you may think, there’s more than just one type of actuator – and the actuator that you […]

Motors vs. Actuators for Industrial Systems

high precision ball screw actuator

Motors and actuators and industrial equipment, oh my! When it comes to making your industrial equipment tick, there are a variety of components that can help do the trick. Motors and actuators are some of the ones that play a significant role in such operations, notably when it comes to material handling equipment. Motors and […]

Rotary vs. Linear Electric Actuators

Electrical Panal Automation

Industrial automation and many manufacturing processes rely on motion. Motion systems move parts into and out of machines, they bring tools into contact with workpieces, and they operate key parts of processing machinery. This motion is provided by actuators. These are devices that, when supplied with power, move in a particular way. For engineers and […]

Electric Actuators vs. Hydraulic Actuators

Electric automation

In the world of industrial automation, one of the most critical components of any system is also the one people just don’t think too much about – the actuator. It’s the element of a system that is responsible for moving and controlling a system – usually some type of industrial robot or automated arm of […]

The Role of Electric Actuators in Automation

Automation System

Regardless of how you choose to look at it, industrial automation brings with it a wide range of different benefits – all at the exact same time. For starters, automating a system almost immediately leads to much lower operating costs for organizations. Depending on the application, once it’s been automated, it can perform the work […]

How Do Electric Actuators Compare To Other Types (Price & Performance)

electric actuator application in the food industry

How exactly does an electric actuator compare to other types of actuators? Many people believe that pneumatic actuators are simply cheaper, so that is the best option for their application. In some cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Electric actuators are more efficient in some cases. This means the actuator performs better and […]