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The Differences Between Rotary and Linear Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic automation system

Pneumatic Actuators are Linear or Rotary  Linear Pneumatic Actuators can move something in a straight line. Linear Pneumatic Actuators use a piston with compressed air applied to achieve linear motion. The output motion of Linear Pneumatic Actuators is in line with the piston rod and/or cylinder.  Rotary Pneumatic Actuators can move something in a circular motion. The output […]

How to Select a High-Quality Industrial Electric Actuator

With the rise of robotics and automation, electric linear actuators have become an essential component in the processing equipment, assembly machinery, machine tools and robots found in almost every industrial facility. Used to convert the rotary motion of an electric motor into linear motion, electric linear actuators enable industrial equipment to do its job; however, […]

Regular Maintenance Ensures Functional and Efficient Pneumatic Systems

Pneumatic Systems

While pneumatic systems are often selected because they have a reputation for providing high reliability in tough industrial applications, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require a little TLC now and then. As a matter of fact, creating and adhering to a schedule of regular inspection and maintenance activities will ensure that your pneumatic systems […]

Avoid Hazards and Downtime by Replacing Failing Sensors

Today’s industrial machines rely heavily on sensors, which serve the function of communicating information about presence, absence, size, level, position and movement to the automation controller. However, when sensors fail, it can negatively impact the safety of the plant, as well as product throughput and quality. For this reason, it’s important to know the signs […]

Pneumatic Valves Provide Cost-Effective Benefits

Pneumatic systems are used in industrial applications to power tools and processes and as a power transmission method to move parts and tooling within industrial machinery. Many different components are used to control the rate, pressure and amount of air that moves through these pneumatic systems and pneumatic valves are one of the most vital […]

How to Lubricate Your Gearbox for Seasonal Temperature Changes

Many people incorrectly assume that high running temperatures created by friction within the gearbox are the only temperature fluctuations that can adversely affect its performance, but the truth is that changes in outdoor temperatures can also negatively influence the operation of industrial gearboxes. As a matter of fact, extreme weather scenarios can impact the performance […]

There is a Pneumatic Flow Control Solution for Every Application

As many industrial applications rely on pneumatics to operate tools, machinery and processes, it’s important to understand how to precisely control pneumatic flow; however, the best way to achieve precise flow depends upon the application and its complexity. Finding the sweet spot of flow control in pneumatic systems is worth the effort as it will […]

Integrated Safety Devices Prevent Workplace Hazards

Machine hazards are a reality for workers in industrial settings. The most challenging areas include those where potentially hazardous operations occur, such as around fast-moving machinery and robots and sources of power. In these locations injuries typically take place at points of operation and machine motion, as well as areas of power transmission, so machine […]

Getting to Know the Different Types of Automation

At its core, an automation system includes a network of integrated sensors, controls and actuators that are designed and built to perform a function with little to no human intervention. Most automation systems are employed to either complete tasks such as pick and place, drilling, welding, coating, painting or packaging in a more efficient or […]

The Truth about Accuracy in Linear Actuators

When specifying a linear actuator, the first question most people ask is: “How accurate is it?” There is no simple answer and it is possible that it’s not even the right question to ask as accuracy may not be the most important parameter for a given application. While accuracy is often viewed as the most […]