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Automation Optimizes Medical Device Packaging and Palletizing

TM Robot solving a packaging issue and automating the packaging industry using gripper technology.

Just as in the manufacturing of medical devices, end-of-line packaging and palletizing of products intended for patient healthcare must also meet strict governmental regulations. At the same time, to remain competitive, packaging and palletizing of these sensitive products must be done efficiently and cost effectively. Fortunately, there are automated options available that not only boost […]

The Automated Flex Feeder System Advantages over Bowl Feeders

Faced with mounting pressure to improve efficiency, accuracy and quality, many manufacturers employ automated feeding systems to further boost throughput and reduce the burden on manual laborers. Automated feeding systems enhance productivity because they quickly separate bulk parts and place them in the proper orientation so they are consistently fed onto an assembly or production […]

The Next Wave: Industry 5.0 Encourages Human-Centric Automation

automation and smart manufacturing

By now most manufacturers are familiar with and, likely, active participants in Industry 4.0, which combines Internet of Things (IoT)-based technologies, automation and data analysis to squeeze every last drop of productivity from the factory. The next wave – the Fifth Industrial Revolution (Industry 5.0) – builds upon this foundation of sensors, automation and Big […]

Actuators: Creating Movement in Manufacturing

The factory floor in most manufacturing facilities is a very active place. From the front door to the back, there is likely a whirlwind of motion and movement as automated machinery transports, picks, cuts, stamps, assembles, processes, produces and packages products. While it may seem like all of this productivity is controlled with the touch […]

5 Conveyor Design Considerations for Maximum Efficiency

Conveyors serve as the circulatory system of most industrial facilities as their function is to move product through the facility for processing. In the same way that circulatory system diseases can wreak havoc on the human body, poorly designed conveying systems can create bottlenecks and waste within the manufacturing plant or warehouse. And, just as […]

Automation in Action: 4 Real-World Applications for Pneumatic Systems

air preparation basics for pneumatic system

Pneumatic systems rely on compressed air, a few simple components and an arrangement of tubes or piping to bring motion and movement to machinery, equipment and tools. Their straightforward, clean and low-cost source of power makes pneumatic systems an attractive option across many sectors and, as a result, more engineers are specifying them for automation […]

How Robotics Can Assist the 3D Printing Revolution

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, is a method of creating an object, product or part by adding layers of material, which differs from traditional manufacturing techniques that take away material through grinding, drilling, machining or casting in a mold. More manufacturers are exploring the use of 3D printing for prototyping and small-scale production because […]

Automation Aids Reshoring of American Manufacturing

types of actuation in manufacturing

Reshoring – the act of moving manufacturing and production away from offshore locations and back to the U.S. – is a recent business trend that a growing number of American manufacturers are considering as it can boost product quality, supply chain resiliency, speed to market and brand loyalty, while also improving local economies and sustainability […]

Six Surprising Applications for Automation in Medical Manufacturing

When it comes to robots used in the medical and healthcare industry, surgical-assistance robots tend to get all the glory; however, automation and robotics are also being applied behind the scenes with great success in the manufacturing, assembly, inspection and packaging of medical devices. As with many industries these days, manufacturers of medical devices now […]

The Versatility of Extruded Aluminum Framing Systems

Modular framing systems

When the objective is to meet production goals, manufacturers seek solutions that are cost effective, efficient and flexible, so it’s not surprising that extruded aluminum framing systems, which provide all these benefits and then some, are more often being considered over traditional steel alternatives in a multitude of industrial, automation and manufacturing applications. What are […]