Pneumatic Actuators & Grippers

JHF distributes a wide variety of automation products and accessories for your air automation needs such as compressed air cylinders, air actuators, and grippers. Manufacturers represented include Advance Automation, Air-Mite, Inc., ASCO Numatics, Bimba Manufacturing, Mead, MFD, TRD Manufacturing, Nopak, and Robohand/DESTACO. Our JHF team of automation experts bring customized client solutions in consistency, reliability and profitability as we demonstrate the latest trends in world-class compressed air automation.

In addition to compressed air cylinders, actuators and grippers, John Henry Foster provides custom engineered services and service and parts for all brands of compressed air equipment in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, northern Iowa and Wisconsin.

For more details and ordering information for John Henry Foster compressed air cylinders, air actuators, or grippers, contact us at 800.452.8452, email us, request more information, or place an order online.

Advance Automation

Air cylinders

Air-Mite, Inc.

Air cylinders, presses

ASCO Numatics

NFPA air cylinders, rodless, air bellows, linear slides, ISO/VDMA, rotary actuators


Original Line® stainless steel air cylinders, Ultran® magnetic coupled rodless, Flat-I®, Flat-II® and Square Flat® stainless steel low profile, PneuTurn® rotary actuators, Linear Thrusters, Position Feedback, DoubleWall® NFPA, ISO 6431 & 6432 metric cylinders

Bimba | Mead

Air actuators and presses

Bimba | MFD

Extruded thrusters, rotary, grippers

Bimba | TRD

NFPA actuators in aluminum, steel and stainless steel, presses




Pneumatic grippers, angular and parallel grippers, rotary actuators

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