JHFOSTER Acquires HTE Technologies

Eagan, Minnesota, March 11, 2024 – John Henry Foster Minnesota, Inc. (JHFOSTER), a strategic collection of engineers, support and service teams, compressed air experts, and automation and robotics solutions provider, today announced the acquisition of HTE Technologies, a leading automation supplier operating in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. To be run as an independent division of JHFOSTER, the company will continue to serve its existing customer base, operate under its existing brand, and remain at its headquarters in St. Louis.

This acquisition accelerates JHFOSTER’s ongoing expansion in the manufacturing and automation industry and will bring numerous benefits to customers and employees of both entities.

Nicholas W. Martino, CEO of JHFOSTER, remarked, “We are thrilled to welcome HTE to our team as this acquisition is a pivotal moment for both JHFOSTER and HTE. More than just the combination of two companies, adding HTE to our group of businesses will help bolster our collective capabilities and enhance the customer experience by providing access to more robust resources, products, and solutions.”

This acquisition, an essential milestone in JHFOSTER’s growth strategy, expands its geographic footprint to become the trusted source for compressed air, robotics, and automation with operations in nine states. Over the past year, JHFOSTER has made significant acquisitions in the automation space, including Accu Tech USA, Celco, and DevLinks.

“HTE Technologies, backed by our incredibly skilled engineering, sales and service teams, has significantly contributed to the advancements in manufacturing processes and overall productivity gains for more than six decades,” said Jason Price, president of HTE Technologies. “Joining JHFOSTER enables us to deliver enhanced value to our customers and expand our technology and service offerings to make an even greater impact across our diverse market segment and the thousands of loyal customers we have been fortunate to serve.” Customers of HTE will continue to receive the exceptional service they are accustomed to, now broadened by JHFOSTER’s comprehensive range of resources and solutions. This enhancement includes advanced integration, engineering services, and a dedication to ensuring optimal performance tailored to specific applications.

About HTE Technologies

HTE Technologies is a leading expert in factory automation, industrial and collaborative robotics, material handling, integrated vision systems, compressed air energy auditing, and plant-wide compressed air system design, sales, and service.

HTE’s Rental Services business unit provides short- and long-term rental of 50-400hp compressed air systems (diesel and electric) across the eastern two thirds of the country from multiple service locations stretching from Texas to New York.

For 65 years HTE’s business units have provided both the discrete manufacturing and process industries with critical engineering, programming support, in-house design, fabrication and assembly of custom OEM and end-user solutions, in-plant field service, and large local inventory to ensure supply chain performance.

While partnering with world-class manufacturers, each business unit is anchored by our experienced TECHTEAM’s capacity to provide in-house design and support engineering across multiple automation and plant service technologies. Highly trained sales engineers coupled with dedicated field service teams are available 24/7/365 to meet industry’s challenging demands for greater productivity, improved plantwide safety, maximized quality control, and elimination of unscheduled downtime.

Innovative rental, lease, and rent-to-own programs; robots-as-a-service, comprehensive compressed air system management programs, and our huge demo fleet ensure that all customers can have access to current products and technologies even when their CAPEX budget comes up short.

HTE has extensive in-plant production line experience across a broad array of manufacturing and process plants, including medical equipment, military and aerospace, hospitals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemical plants, as well as the entire utility sector of electricity, water, wastewater, and natural gas.

We ask our customers to challenge us with their technical demands, their HR-staffing and process-bottleneck issues, their rotating equipment maintenance issues, and their ongoing energy savings initiatives.

For more information, please visit www.htetechnologies.com.