Since 1938, John Henry Foster Minnesota (JHF) has promoted a progressive culture by seeking opportunities for cutting edge technology and providing clients with exceptional value.  Many of our employees have been with us for two to three decades.  These employees have grown with the company and have acquired tremendous knowledge and experience over the years to address customers’ needs.   Because employees at JHF are trained and practiced, we can obtain results.  Dedication in taking care of our employees and providing clients with first class service has been part of JHF for nearly 70 years.


The John Henry Foster Minnesota mission is to offer consultative sales versus commodity selling to our clients.  By providing both capital equipment and pneumatic components consultatively, we have the ability to partner with both the supply side and demand side of compressed air systems.  JHF is a leader in providing innovative solutions and consistent value to customers with this sales process and technical development.  JHF is one of very few firms in the country that is structured to work with both sides of compressed air and has since the firm’s beginnings.  Industries in the 1940’s were smaller and companies could sell both, but today companies either focus on one or the other due to difficulties in training staff and manufacturers who tend to team with distributors who focus in their area of expertise.

We anticipate industry drivers of our customers to be the exclusive provider by bundling our services into a single point of contact. By anticipating the needs of customers, JHF has expanded and further explored new areas, such as fluid cooling and vacuum markets.  Another application we now focus on is identifying energy saving opportunities for clients, or an Air System Audit.   In order to gather the appropriate information to complete an analysis, we work with both ends of the compressed air system; the supply of air and the use of air.  Working with each touch point to find energy loss, JHF can determine corrective actions and opportunities on both the production floor and the compressor room.  JHF was one of the first distributors in the country involved in Air System Audits; we created and designed our own equipment, wrote analysis software and customized electronic control and monitoring equipment – another example of our innovation and resourceful approach.

John Henry Foster Minnesota also brings this resourcefulness to our mobile service agreement program and differentiates us from other providers.  This service increases our market share by allowing our expertise to be brought directly to the customers’ air compressor rooms and plants, enabling us to deliver a short response time to problems, installation support, and preventative maintenance.  We are also providing a local presence to the communities that we serve.

Pros and cons of selling pneumatics and compressed air systems

John Henry Foster Minnesota provides an infrastructure to support its sales professionals, who are educated, trained and focused in both arenas.  We also have a technical support system consisting of teams of specialists in pneumatic component and capital equipment applications.  These professionals range from master electricians, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, service coordinators, mechanics and piping experts.  JHF has a significant advantage over companies that have one-sided representatives, as this infrastructure allows the flexibility to present and address the complete system from design through implementation, thus being involved with the entire client organization including; machine design, engineering, planning, production and plant management.  Clients need their systems to function properly and reliability is vital to their production floors.  Due to downsizing, clients do not always have the expertise to handle the systems.  Their jobs usually depend upon the systems running continuously.  Downtime results in lost revenue, quality control issues, product recalls, and diminished speed to market.  Our strategic process brings additional value to the client by limiting their need to outsource costly expertise to administer the entire system.

One drawback to the structure of providing consultative sales in a full-service environment is that it forces our sales professionals to be knowledgeable and educated in both applications and products.  We compete with one-sided representatives which increases demand on our product knowledge.  For a sales professional to become self-sufficient and profitable, it takes five to seven years of training and experience.

Clients that purchase air compressors for the supply side of the business typically have long periods of time before an upgrade or repurchase.  Since we are a full service organization and pneumatic components are a consumable product, our sales professionals have the ability to utilize that time to work with the clients to fulfill their pneumatics and fluid power needs.  This allows for continued contact and relationship building with the client, therefore we are then aware of the client’s growth and expansion plans.  John Henry Foster Minnesota is based on creating partnerships with clients and as their business needs change we align to bring new solutions.

Market’s Served

John Henry Foster Minnesota is involved with virtually every industry since motion control technology and power generation is used in some form in industrial applications.  The typical company JHF services ranges from smaller mid-sized industries to Fortune 500 companies. The industry type is very diverse, such as agricultural and meat processing plants to large industrial manufacturers, such as hospitals and printing facilities.

For more than 70 years John Henry Foster Minnesota has been theMidwest’s leading air compressor systems distributor and service provider. The JHF teams of air automation experts bring customized client solutions in consistency, reliability and profitability. We demonstrate the latest trends in world-class compressed air automation, air compressors, pneumatic components and electrical controls, plus 80/20 aluminum framing systems.

Contact Ron Nordby, Vice President of John Henry Foster Minnesota at 651.681.5724 or by email for more information on any of these services.


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