Community and Support

JHFOSTER Community Relations

An important part of JHFOSTER is growth, and therefore, JHFOSTER Community Relations is a large focus within the company. From a one-man show to a 120+ company, JHFOSTER experienced great growth. Even more, employees have continually dedicated themselves to helping others grow, also. 

Beyond building systems that increase efficiency, we commit to programs that help the communities around us. This is why from building within the community to helping communities worldwide, we enjoy helping people to grow and realize their true potential. 


JHFOSTER gives help to those who need support and help in hard times. Furthermore, we also like to take care of the local environment through initiatives like Adopt-a-Road. As a result, JHFOSTER employees take pride in working for a company so dedicated to the local and non-local communities. 

Also, helping hundreds of people within our neighborhood improves the health and happiness of our own employees through giving back. Some of our favorite community events have been Robot Day at the Works Museum, Adopt-a-Road, The Fruit of the Vine Fundraiser and Love-Your-Neighbor. 

View our social media pages to see how JHFOSTER gives back to our community. 

JHFOSTER team poses while they donate food to a local pantry that supports the Eagan community.


JHFOSTER (JHFOSTER) is a leading distributor and service provider for automation and compressed air systems. JHFOSTER assists companies like yours in automating their manufacturing applications. As a result, the companies we help experience more efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to providing successful solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase overall efficiencies. 

Headquartered in Eagan, MN, with a location in Fargo, ND, we also offer a fully-equipped team of mobile technicians that provide service to the 5-state area. Contact us today at 800.582.5162 or to learn more about how you might benefit from knowing us.