Our Core Values

JHFoster prides itself on the guiding principles that dictate not only how we treat our customers, but also how we treat each other. The JHFoster Values started with our employees participating in a value selection process. Then, this resulted in JHFoster creating statements that represent the entire company. Our company culture has been built on the JHFoster Values, and they hold real meaning in our everyday efforts. They aren’t just a list of ideas. They are the very principles we live by. Basically, we put people first, including our customers and employees.

We are honest and trustworthy:
Our foundation is based on honesty and integrity. Customers can trust that we will follow through on our commitments and show ownership and accountability for our work.

We are easy to do business with:
Our team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service to our customers. You can count on us to be responsive and to go above and beyond to fulfill your needs.

We are innovative:
JHFoster focuses on finding better solutions to meet existing needs, concentrating on long-term objectives, not short-term gains.

We have a passion for excellence:
As an industry leader, we pursue excellence and are continually looking for ways to provide the highest quality products and services available.

We believe in people:
We respect and value our customers, employees, and vendors. These relationships are the cornerstone of our success.

Values are the essence of a company’s identity. In fact, JHFoster is proud of the company we have become and still hold ourselves accountable to the same high standards as we have over the past 80+ years. Read more on how we demonstrate our values to our customers by clicking on our Solutions Stories page.

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