Energy Industry

JHFOSTER can help provide efficiency and reliability for your energy company.

Energy Industry

JHFOSTER’s automationcompressed air, and robotic specialists can help you increase efficiency and production for your energy needs.

Compressed Air Efficiency and Saving Energy

At first it may not seem obvious how compressed air systems and the energy industry mix. After all, compressed air systems tend to use quite a bit of energy to operate. However, compressed air systems and the energy industry intersect where energy savings come along.

Finding the correct air compressor to consume the least amount of energy possible is very important. By eliminating the waste of energy through choosing a compressor control style that fits production needs, you create an easy way to reduce your energy bills each month. Even more, you want to make sure your compressed air system doesn’t have an excessive leak rate. Having an excess leak rate can account for a large increase in your energy bills. By having an Ultrasonic Leak Detection Audit performed, you can identify just what your leaks are costing you and how to repair the leaks. In addition, you may qualify for an Xcel Energy compressed air study rebate. To find more information, visit our post on air compressor leaks.

Automating the Energy Industry

With ever growing demand for energy in the modern world, finding ways to increase efficiency and speed up generation is absolutely necessary. In addition, with the use of green energy, the demand for the materials needed for these alternate energy sources is increasing faster than ever. In fact, the demand for solar panels has far surpassed the ability of human labor alone. Automating the solar cell process can reduce the labor required by as much as 75%.

Beyond increasing production and efficiency, freeing up employees to do less repeatable tasks helps keep systems running smoothly. Robotic automation systems can be used to paint, sand and polish wind turbine blades. Even more, multi axis robots can be used to weld wicket gates in hydro-electric systems. Robots can also be used to inspect for defects and do other dangerous tasks.

Overall, JHFOSTER’s robotic automation systems can help the Energy Industry produce all of the materials that they need for their systems.

The Energy Industry & Customer Support

Making the right decisions for your energy needs and equipment can be a difficult task. Our robotic, automation and compressed air specialists are ready to assist you in your decision making. Please email us or call us for support.