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Make Sure You Have The Right Compressed Air and Automation Equipment

Whether you are bottling, canning, keg washing, clarifying, cleaning up, or taking care of maintenance, JHFOSTER can support you with a specially designed compressed air or automation system for the brewing industry.

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Have you wondered where to start when identifying what compressor is right for your brewery? This depends on the usage of the compressed air within your brewery. Whether using compressed air in direct contact for keg washing and sparging, or used indirectly for automating packaging, canning or bottling – JHFOSTER will have knowledge and experience to determine the proper equipment for your needs.

JHFOSTER wants to provide you with fast and efficient service for your compressed air, automation and robotic needs. Compressed air is used in several brewing processes including bottling/canning, keg washing, clarifying, aeration, and cleanup/maintenance. Basically, when you are looking for Clean Dry Air, JHFOSTER is ready to help.

Quincy QGS
& QT​

The Quincy QGS and QT oil lubricated compressors can be used for packaging machines like box makers, canning or bottling.

Quincy & Powerex Oil-Free Scroll Compressor​

Quincy and Powerex Oil-free Scroll Compressors can help power automation and other processes in production facilities.

Zeks Air Dryer With Heatsink

Zeks Air Dryers will help keep the air in your facility dry to stop any contamination that could start with moisture in the air.


Nano filters help the air powering your facility stay clean and pure, so your craft beer is never put in jeopardy of contamination.

Bimba Stainless Steel Cylinders

Bimba Stainless Steel Cylinders can eliminate rusting or corroding in  washdown processes for beverage industries.

Aventics Stainless Steel Fittings

JHFOSTER supplied Aventics Stainless Steel Fittings can also help eliminate rust and corroding in a variety of processes.

Robotic Applications We Can Help You With:

  • Palletizing
  • Keg Washing
  • Clarifying
  • Aeration
  • Cleanup/Maintenance
  • Bottling/Canning
  • Packaging/Labeling
  • Fermentation

Craft Brewing & Robots


Brewing FAQ’s

A clear sign that you have outgrown your air compressor is when your compressor begins to show signs of burnout. It is important to replace your compressor at this point to avoid costly downtime. Check out this article on how we reduced a beverage packagers downtime.

It is important to keep your equipment leak free and your air clean and dry to avoid beverage contamination. JHFOSTER offers food safe products ranging from our air compressors to USDA approved Stainless Steel Cylinders.

JHFOSTER offers a couple solutions for easy replacement of your compressor parts. We have a 24-Hour Emergency Service you can call to take care of unexpected downtime caused by malfunctioning or worn parts. We also offer remote service, so skilled and certified experts are only a call away to answer your part questions, and help you replace them ASAP.

Too much moisture in the air will ultimately result in your compressor malfunctioning, costing you money for compressor downtime. The good news is you only need to make one change to remove the moisture: get a refrigerated dryer. The refrigerated dryer will keep your system running clean and free of excess moisture. We can audit your system to make sure yours is running efficiently and correctly.

Your compressor may not be working at a high enough CFM. You may need to upgrade your air compressor to a Rotary Screw Air Compressor. As a guideline, it is best to keep your pressure above 140.

JHFOSTER has a 24-Hour Emergency Service so that when you come in contact with unexpected downtime, you aren’t left in the dust. Our highly trained technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays, for air compressor repair. Looking for the right number to call? You can reach 24-Hour Emergency Service at 855.688.0043.

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