JHFOSTER Helps Customer Reduce Downtime with IntelliSense®

IntelliSense®: An intelligent way to monitor and document cylinder performance and quantify improvements

Many food and beverage manufacturers package their products in bags or pouches. These designs improve changeover time between empty and full pouches, decreasing downtime for fast food and dine-in restaurants. In addition, these designs provide a convenient storage solution for otherwise messy liquid products. Even more, IntelliSense® provides you with the most efficiency and can, in turn, increase your production.

For example, a Bimba customer produced bags filled with syrup for use at soda fountains. Furthermore, the cycle time of the machine is directly related to how quickly the bags can be loaded and unloaded between fill cycles. The customer uses IntelliSense® to monitor the cycle time of the gripper cylinders that hold the spout, as well as the closure cylinder that opens and closes the spout.

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As a result, the customer took a look at the pressure waveforms associated with these cylinders, the customer found flow issues that slowed the machine down. By continually monitoring the cylinders as they make adjustments to the machine, the customer plans to quantify the performance improvements.

IntelliSense® Advantage:
The IntelliSense ® technology documents current performance, reduces downtime by predicting failure, and validates performance improvements.

For a better look at the application, watch this short video. Contact an Automation Specialist at 800.582.5162 or email one of our experts for more information.